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  1. Thanks everyone! Awesome 😁👍
  2. Only did my first light show last year. One 16 channel box. This year I added a pixel tree and another 16 channels. My question is: just buy more extension cords or is it more cost effective to make your own cords? Especially on smaller light displays. Thanks for the input… 😂
  3. Thanks… I’ll see what I can figure out. Thanks for the video links
  4. I the upgrade to pro. Didn’t get the super star sequencer. It pulls up the different effects in the motion controller but I can’t seem to click, drag or anything else to get them to go on to the pixel tree prop that I placed in my preview. Spent about 3 hours trying to insert the motions into the boxes with no avail. Tried to find videos but no luck. Also get a circle with a line drawn through it when clicking on boxes to try to insert a motion…, Any ideas? Nothing should be this hard🤣
  5. I see the basic plus to pro up grade but not a red adapter. Could it be called something else? Also what is it for?
  6. Ok. Thanks for the information. I will get the upgrade and start putting some of this together. It’s crazy how fast Christmas comes now that I started this light show stuff. Thanks again
  7. I do have a question about my software. Currently I have the Basic Plus. What do I need to run designs on the pixel tree? Is the Super star upgrade? Also seen something called motion packs. Bill
  8. Thank you and I will. Thanks again
  9. Thanks! Of course I git busy last night with other stuff but I’ll give it another try this weekend. Thanks for 5he help
  10. It’s the 16 x 25 pixel tree kit from LOR. I’ll check the rest when I get home from work.
  11. Hi everyone… I bought a pixel tree kit at the grab bag sale and now I want to incorporate it within my show that I made last year. I tried to get started last night but not sure what to do. I tried looking up LOR tutorial videos but not sure what I’m looking for because I didn’t see anything specific on pixel. Any help getting this thing started would be greatly appreciated… Thanks
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