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  1. Just received my first pixel tree from LOR and as I was going through it... Looks like it needs a star or something on top. I didn’t see anything on the LOR website. Suggestions?
  2. My experience was awful! Set the alarm for 9:00 and picked out what I wanted and I kept getting a no communication with PayPal try again later. No matter what I did; I was unable to finish the transaction. Finally after about an hour it went through but the item I wanted was gone. Extremely frustrating. I did see that they had about a half our glitch but it was too late.
  3. Biff

    What next?

    Thanks gang! I appreciate all the advice 😁
  4. Biff

    What next?

    Ok guys... Not sure what the heck you are talking about “enhanced” and everything else. What is the best way to learn about pixel lighting? Is there books or should I continue to watch YouTube and LOR website stuff?
  5. Biff

    What next?

    Ok. I will do that also. Thanks
  6. Biff

    What next?

    Thank you. I’ll definitely check into that.
  7. Biff

    What next?

    Thanks everyone for your help with my first year Christmas display. As much of a pain it was; it seems that I’m hooked and want to continue to grow next year. I have only one controller at this time which is dedicated to what I have so far. I would like to add for next year: another controller, a mega tree and dabble into the pixel stuff in other areas. My questions are.... Tree: do I build one or buy the LOR tree (which is only about 6’ tall it looks like). Pixel set up: it looks like the LOR is is a computer board only. Does that connect into the controller box or do I need to install it into another box? And lastly what pixels lights are the best to use? Any help would be greatly appreciate....
  8. Biff

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    Sounds good. When is a good time to call?
  9. Biff

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    Ok... It’s downloaded... Now what😁
  10. Biff

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    Awe... Man that would be great. I’ll get in installed and let you know when it’s done. Thanks so much!
  11. Biff

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    I’ll try it! Man this sucks. I feel like Clark about to punch Santa and his raindeer🤪
  12. Biff

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    Looked at the verifier and that says sequence file does not exist. Error message 23. Screwed something up...
  13. Biff

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    The control center says cannot read show.
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