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  1. Thank you everybody for the advice. After piecing together all of the above posts, I was able to get them all working together. All of my equipment is running on the 57.6K (with the black converter) and the enhanced network setting enabled. I had to update the firmware of the gen 3 controllers from .9 to .11. Now I can move forward with the sequencing and setup the tree for the first time...I'm so excited.
  2. Have been using S4 with the LOR 16 controllers for the last couple of years. Decided to add some pixels to the mix with the LOR pixel tree kit. First had to update to S5 pro. Then had to update my computer to be able to run the software. After much playing around and researching, I have open the sequencer with music. The 3 controllers with traditional lights hooked up to them (configured as #1 thru 3) will light up on network port com3 at 57.6K, but not the pixel tree controller (configured as #4). I get the message: The following items have motion effects that cannot be played because t
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