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  1. Here are some that i was looking at that i found in the forum. They may have been from a few years ago but this technology is moving at the speed of snails so you will likely find what you need. Also the thing that i have been playing with is my preview. spend the time to set it all up how you think you want it. Follow the 4x4x4x4 model at least loosely. when you get the sequences you will need to match the channels up. I like to click on the channel name on the right side box that comes up. Then pull down and find the channel on the list coming in to match them up. you will need to do that for all your channels to sync them where you want them. Thats why its important to set up the preview first before trying to bring in your new sequences. For what its worth. I'm still a Greenie myself. http://www.christmasoncoldenhill.com/services.html https://forums.lightorama.com/topic/42466-all-people-with-16-channels-willing-to-trade-sequences-or-looking-for-sequences-identify-yourselves-here/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-417154 https://forums.lightorama.com/topic/47709-free-16ch-christmas-sequences-synced-to-video-or-custom-slide-show/?tab=comments#comment-441932
  2. Hey LOR Group, I am hoping to find a reindeer prop that I can add to my previews. Does any one have a prop that looks good that they can share? how does one import the props if that is such a thing available?
  3. Email sent for what its worth. have fun.
  4. after i got home i looked more carefully and saw that these are LEDs. so i think from what i read the 2 best courses are; 1) flip the plug around on the offending light 2) add a snubber in that line somewhere (i presume to increase the resistance so the controller can see it better and/or bleed off the small amount of power that leak to the lights let me know if that is the advised course of action.
  5. Here is something that I have not seen in the threads yet. I have a 16PC controller with 6 channels used. On each of the channels I have one strand of mini incandessants lining my walk way. i have 4 color RGBs on a CMD24. I am finding when i leave in the morning for work i will have 1 or 2 strands of lights lit. channel 1 and 2 usually. i was pretty sure they were all going off at night. I confirmed last night all the lights were off, again this morning when I left for work they were off. but i had to come back at noon and found one strand on, channel 1. It seem to be random at this point. I will unplug one side of my controller and it goes off, if i immediately plug it back in it comes back on. but if i leave it unplugged for a while and come back it stays off(unplug when i leave for work and plug it in when i get home. Both plugs are plugged into the same circuit but there is not enough load for it to be a problem. the Show is set to turn lights off. I have a dedicated laptop, with 5S software. 16PC i bought new last year. Is this software or hardware, scheduler, show, sequence related. Is it too small of a load and i need a snubber? any help is appreciated. would like to solve this before i start my christmas stuff.
  6. it does not have to be sequential in what controllers you have. That controller number is an address. when data is sent with that address (01, 02, ...99) it does only the operations assigned to that address. so you can have controller 50, 2,31 and 12 all hooked up as long as your sequence is programmed with those controller addresses it should work. what i found since i am brand new particularly to the CMB24 is that it did not like having its address changed so i changed my 16pc controller. i will need to update all my Christmas sequences to the new address but i will do that i in a few weeks
  7. FWIW if you are doubling channels you would need to use the SAME AS Prop config. if you assign 2 props to the same channel the system will balk at it.
  8. What i found is that the CMD24 RGB controller still uses dipswitches and my 16 PC can be programmed using the "LOR Hardware" software its easier to just set the dipswitch and leave it alone. i had both the RGB and regular controller on the same channel accidentally and the 16PC won each time. once i reprogrammed my 16PC to another channel the software found them both. even if i changed the dipswitch it still wouldn't find it unless the the 16pc was disconnected. its way easier to move the controllers to 2, 3, 4, 5 instead. for what its worth.
  9. How do you stay organized and know what is where? if you want to know what it where it goes you have to open the channel details.
  10. Thank you very much Zing. This is a great start for my RGBs would have taken me weeks to do each one. Got one loaded up now and i am working away.
  11. i have been resigning myself to that idea. i really like to have the naming include the device, channel and what it is. for example 16CH 03 garage. this seems to help me keep things organized because i am a rookie and don't have the years to figure out what naturally goes to what channel. i am trying to keep the 4x4x4x4 rule in mind but that hasnt worked out yet. on a side note how do i get get the red light bulb back in the system tray? i turned on my show computer after a long winters nap and it's gone from the try. I launched the hub but it did not automatically add it back.
  12. I have watched the Luminous videos pertaining to this but they do not make mention of when you bring in a controller and all the channels how to make the shapes what you want them to be. ultimately i am trying to clean up my preview and i thought i could simply bring in the 2 pieces of hardware that i have and edit the shapes. that may not be in the cards.
  13. There is a section for bulb shape but lines are not an option. Do i need to draw each prop rename it independently of the whole prop controllers and ultimately delete the controller?
  14. so in trying to build a new profile here is the problem i am running into. if you look at this picture (How does one make it small enough to attach) all my props are stars and floods. the floods are fine but how do i change the prop into something usable like a string of lights? i can use the draw string but it creates a new prop. i would like to make the ones i already have into a string of lights not a string of stars.
  15. I have only been using LOR for about a year with no other light experience to speak of in the past so my knowledge is limited. I just moved to a new house and will need to build my previews all over again. I only have a 16 channel controller and a CMB24 RGB controller. Do I need to make a Preview for Halloween and and a Christmas because the each are set up different. What i am finding is that i add the devices from the list and start a new sequence and i have all these channels that i have tried to create populating in the sequence and I cant tell heads from tails. How can i get everything cleaned up again and connect them to my old sequences so that it looks like someone intelligent put it together. Why is it adding all these extra fields on the sequence? what i want is 16 channels AC and 8 channels RGB and it all to be organized so it doesn't look like a monkey with a typewriter made it.
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