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  1. Thanks for the info. I am looking to get a jump on next year so if you have time maybe we can figure something out. If not that's ok.
  2. So i have finally decided to expand my display to add pixel in addition to the already 200 or so channels of non pixel lights. I currently have the following 10 songs programed in my display and was wondering if anyone had any of these songs with programs for pixel arches, a 2,400 channel mega tree and the talking coro faces (im adding 4 of them not in pixel lights). Any help to get me started would be great. Current Song Line Up Wizards in Winter Let it Go Star Wars theme song Little Drummer Boy I want a hippopotamus for christmas Christmas Vacation C
  3. I am in search for maybe 4-6 additional controllers for my display. Located in central Illinois so ideally looking to do an in person pickup to save on shipping.
  4. Thank you for the reply. Last time I opened each show and saved them all again which was annoying given where the control machine is. I will try this way after the show ends for the night.
  5. So I just had a a channel fail and need to move those lights to a new channel. I have 15 songs. Is there any easy way to reassign that channel in all songs quickly. Or do I have to open and re save each song for the change to take effect after I change it in the design file.
  6. So an update for anyone that comes across this thread. I swapped the combined arc/gfci breakers for standard gfci only breakers and the problem is gone. So if you are able to avoid using arc breakers that would be advised.
  7. So I am going to swap all of the breakers for regular gfci breakers. Hopefully that work but here is a little more information to see if there is a different problem. The problem happens while dimming all 16 channel on my pillar at a slight offset from each other. Each channel has 200 incandescent mini lights for a total of 3,200 mini lights. Any reason I should not be able to do this without tripping the breaker?
  8. Just talked with my electrician and they are the new ones with arc flash sensing called "PDF". He is getting just gfci ones ordered so hopefully that is the problem. Otherwise the testing will continue. Just talked with my electrician and they are the new ones with arc flash sensing called "PDF". He is getting just gfci ones ordered so hopefully that is the problem. Otherwise the testing will continue.
  9. I am not using set wire. This issue is really confusing me this year. We are at a new house with a new power system. I am similar with chasing and tracking down gfci issues. Sometimes after a big rain I can't run the display for a day or two. The weird problem this time is if I run just one controller it won't trip. I am only having tripping issues when multiple controllers are running. Each controller is feed by an independent circuit and they are all on there own dedicated 200 amp sub panel.
  10. I currently have 16 controllers and each controller is feed by its own 20 amp dedicated circuit with a gfci breaker in the panel. There is only one outlet directly wired to each breaker. During my testing today I was operating only 5 controllers. Each controller was running a 3,200 incandescent light pillars. When tested one pillar at a time there were no issues at all. When testing all 5 pillars together some of them keep tripping the gfci breakers when I would flash all 5 pillars on and off quickly. So roughly 65 amps of incandescent lights were being flashed quickl
  11. My non led lights are tripping my gfci breakers mostly when I flash a very large number of them on and off quickly. The run fine one controller at a time but when I hook all the controllers up I end up tripping the gfci. Any thoughts on what to do besides change my design?
  12. So the settings in the design items in S5 where I can set dimming profiles for each elements don't do anything?
  13. An update to this question after looking at my controllers most are generation 2 so they don't have dimming curves to be set on the board. What do I need to do to make sure my LED's don't look weird when dimmed and to make sure my pre controlled items only do on/off and never dim.
  14. I am now transitioning from just incandescent lights to a mix of incandescent and LED's. I know I have to set dimming curves for the LED's but I am confused do I set that up in S5 under the item type and if so what should I set them to. Or do I just set them up in the hardware utility section of the controller. Just want to make sure I have it all correct since I have some items that can fully dim, some that can partial and some that have to be strictly on/off.
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