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  1. After ALOT of reading, (kudos to all of you for learning all of this! Haha), I believe i am going with the following for my first year 1x pixie16 controller 8x 100 pixel RGB bulb (white string) 1x pack of RGB connectors Software S5 in Pro mode i just wanted to see what everyone’s thoughts were. I know that this is advanced and probably too late this year for anything extravagant, however, id rather have the advanced capabilities of RGB now than have to rebuy later. i did read in the manual that pixie16 does support old CCB styles. Does that infer i
  2. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! correct me if i am wrong, but lets say i wanted chasing arches or chasing “sets” of led bulbs across my house. I would need one channel per set to configure the software to run in a chasing pattern, correct? So if it took 16 strands, then one RGB controller alone would need to be dedicated to just that? Also, i now understand the difference with pixel vs led and the controllers required for each setup. However, im curious, is it possible to do a blended setup? My house is rather long, so im wondering if id be best to do pixels for chasing
  3. Hi Keith! thanks for the reply, and that REALLY helps! I haven’t purchased my controller yet, so that does help me make decisions. May i ask, since you use LED/Incandescent, what sorts of animations are you able to accomplish with that? It seems that things like chasing lights on arches for example, wouldnt be possible without pixel based lights, is that accurate?
  4. Happy pre-holiday lighting everyone! Im brand new to using a controller, RGB/LED etc., and although I’ve watched tons of videos, im a little confused on which items I need to get started. I DO completely understand its late to be starting, so i am not looking for a fully animated setup this year, but it would be nice to get a strong foundation on my “equipment” this year and tinker with sequencing next. This year perhaps just some blinking, ramp up/down etc. i may just buy a few premade sequences. I do work in IT for a living so picking up software comes naturally to me
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