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  1. I have a 16 string CCRII mega tree kit. I set up the prop and in some songs the prop looks good in the sequencer and I can easily add motion effects. In other songs the prop has x's or hash marks across the entire channel song length. I can't do anything. It has a red circle with slash through it when I try to program. Instead of a pencil of other interactive icon. I also notice the little tree shaped icon is not on the left side of the prop. On my other songs, it is there.
  2. Hey Jim. I rebooted and everything is working now. Fingers crossed it stays that way.
  3. I updated profile. Thanks for pointing that out.
  4. My version says 5.3.12 Pro. Not sure why my profile says advanced. I don't remember selecting that when I registered. I use motion effects on my smaller pixel tree.
  5. Hi everyone. I have been using S5 for a year and have a small pixel tree now. I bought a mega tree 16 x 50 with CCR ribbon. I change the HW ID with the Dips to 5. I can control the tree in the HW utility. I added the prop to Sequencer but when I try to put motion effects or turn on the lights at all, nothing happens. I'm a little lost here.
  6. Do you zip tie the ribbons to the conduit?
  7. Hello. I am thinking about buying this kit. It doesn't look like they include a topper, pole or any type of holders for the ribbons. What do people use to support the ribbons if I want all 16 ribbons facing the road? I don't want a round tree, I was going to hang from a single point and spread them out flat, facing one direction. Also, am I the only one that feels like the LOR online store needs a facelift, I feel like I am buying stuff circa 2002.
  8. Let say I have a 50 square pixel string and I need to make it 35 to go around a window. Do I just chip it off at the end and put the two wires ends together? Then do I make an object in LOR called small window and tell the software it has 35 pixels?
  9. I see these videos online and people have perfectly outlined windows, doors and rooflines. How are they able to accomplish this. If I buy smart pixels 100 they are 4 inch spaced and about 33ft long and the 50 are about 16 feet long. my windows are smaller than these options. Are ya'll building the light strings to length or turning some lights off?
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