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  1. So last night it appeared to run correctly. It was off this mornign as it was supposed to be. I guess it somehow just didn't detect the schedule because I had rechecked after the above comments, and it was all set to PM, around 4-5 hours of run time.
  2. Ok, I just tried deleting the show schedule, and created a new one, and saved. We'll see tonight if it shuts off or not.
  3. Gentlemen, Thank you for responding. To be clear my computer stays on 24/7. I used show schedule last year no problem. All I did this year was I made a new show called slow fade for Halloween, and I plugged it in there. I opened up the calendar looking hourly view and it clearly says 5:30 till 10 PM. The brownish area is clearly just the 4.5 hours of duration, each day. This mornng, nad yesterday morning, all the floods lights were still flashing away out there like the schedule was still running. I am just not sure what I'm doing wrong. I goess I can try to create a whole new schedule and new show file just to make sure something isn't hosed up somehow.
  4. So I did turn off the sleep on the computer, and that worked to keep it running. However, now it wont stop running. I set a schedule to run from 6 PM to 10 PM, and twice in a rown I got up the next morning and its still going. I don't know what the heck is going on. I never had this problem last year.
  5. Hi, currently I've gotten some RGB floods up for Halloween to add a little lighting effects (animation only right now) to my home. I'll prob run some sequenced songs on halloween night with speakers. But for now, I'm just looking to add some flickery lighting. Anyone done anything like this that I could possibly adopt to my RGB floods? I am on S4 I've tried to put something together and it just doesn't look right. Thinking, flashing, anf flickering, with purples, and greens, and oranges. If anyone can help, please email me, michaelrrhodes@gmail.com I promise to not sell share trade claim or otherwise own your work. It will only be for my personal home and my family and neighbors enjoyment. Thank you
  6. Oh my gosh. I am so glad that you were able to find a copy of all your stuff. See, you DID have it backed up OFF SITE. You just didn't know what state it was in. LOL Seriously, I'm glad. I sure wish I had had your stuff, I'd certainly have sent it back. I keep an original backup of everything I am sent just for an archive of what it was, and I backup to an external drive, AND a cloud based service constantly. ...So, if you'd like to share any of your stuff with me, I'll certainly have a record for as long as I'm alive. If you do share anything with me, I promise to not sell, share, trade, or otherwise claim ownership of your property in any way. I'll only use it for my familys personal enjoyment on our home.
  7. If you are willing to share any of these I'd love to check them out. I put up singing faces last year for christmas, so this year I'm doing Halloween lights, and MORE christmas lights. I would share what I have,except I got my halloween from a nice guy here named zing. Otherwise I'dhappily share, but they are not my property. I'm also looking for some generic animations for my floods that are just spooky colors, and flickering for the flood lights, even without music. I've been trying to put something together but it just doesn't look right for some reason. my email is michaelrrhodes@gmail.com If you'll be kind enough to share, I promise to not claim, sell, trade, or otherwise claim ownershiopp of your property as it is not mine. I will use it on my personal home for my family and neighbors enjoyment. Thank you
  8. Hi, I was interested in checking out your file here. However, google chrome keeps syaing it blocked the file because its dangerous. I'm on S4 with regular LED lights. Is this a file I could even use? Do you have a file type such as the LMS i think it is that S4 makes for a sequence? I have floods I'd like to use this on. Thank you. I promise to not claim, trade, share, sell, or otherwise say I own your work. I will only use it on my personal home for my family and neighbors enjoyment. my email is Michaelrrhodes@gmail.com
  9. HI, I saw your post here to share sequences. I would love a share of hat you're working on. I am on S4.I have 2 faces x8 channels each, and 32 other channels, with 8 x 10w RGB floods. my email is michaelrrhodes@gmail.com I promise to not share, sell, trade, or otherwise claim ownership of your work and your IP. Even if I modify it, it is not my work. I will only use it ofr my own family and neighbors enjoyment on my personal home. Thank you
  10. This sounds really cool. WOuld you be willing to share the Skin and Bones, and Boris the Spider? I promise to not sell, share, trade, or claim ownership of your work in any way. This is for my own personal home, and my family and neighbors enjoyment. Even if I modify the work, it is still not my original work, and I fully understand that. my email is michaelrrhodes@gmail.com Thank you so much
  11. So just got this 8x 10w flood kit. I set it up for some halloween lighting, and never had this issue last season with my regular 16 channel start kit controller. I set it to run from like 6 PM to 10 PM. It turns on fine. Then a little later they are all off. I come to my computer and its asleep fully. I kitt he keyboard and it starts to wake up, and before the screen even comes back on, I see the ligths pop back on and keep going. I also upgraded my software this spring, from the most basic for one controller, to the level that handles 4 controllers. I'm a little confused about this show creator thing, so maybe there is some setting I need to change? Help appreciated. Last year it worked great, and the "enable show" worked fine, and I could see the little utility come up, and load the show and start. Now I don't see that, but I DO see the lights come on and start. This is an ANIMATION sequence. Dunno if thats different from last year where I was running a musical sequence or not. Thanks for any help. Much appreciated. its prob something silly.
  12. I'm gonna post this in a new thread, but thought I'd ask here. Been playing with my RGB flood kit from LOR. Got it up running some color fades on an ANIMATION (not musical sequence) for Halloween. Issue is, when my computer goes to sleep, it stops. I can come to my computer, and hit the keyboard, and it'll start waking up, and a few seconds later I see the lights pop back on and start their action again before the computer screen even comes back on. I just bought this CMB24 controller kit, but I did NOT have this issue last year with my regular 16 channel starter kit controller. I've always had it run from like 6 PM to 10 PM, and it did that no issue daily whether my computer was awake or not. Any idea what to change?
  13. Hi, Thanks for the offer. I bought some stuff at walmart yesterday but I can always return it. I only found part of what I wanted. So, I'm doing 2 driveway arches in white PVC. I wanted Blue LED string lights with white wires in LED ideally. I want 8x 100 sets per arch since the arch will be around 28 ft in length so each channel is about 3 ft long. They don't have that, so I bought blue LED string lights with green wires. I don't think it'll look as nice with the green wires. These were $5.94 a box. I am doing 8 wood (tripod style) mini tres 4 ft tall, at approx 24-26" dia at the base. My plan was to put 200 green LED lights on green wires on each. so 1600. I bought Green incandescent lights on green wires as they didn't have any green string lights. Luckily they were only $2.44 a box for these. Hopefully 1600 incandescents wont be an amp load issue on my controller. I also will have 5 little candycanes. Bought the ones Lowes has out this year, that are red and white plastic, and are about 45" tall. I was gonna do red lights with white wire. Don't have those. I bought red LEDs on green wire, 100 x 5 packs, that I'm planning to use. These will be paired up with the 8 mini trees on that controller so that'll reduce some of the overall amp load on that controller. So, thats what I got. I did find 3 small boxes of blue leds on white wires, so bought them and if in the next week or two they get a bunch more, I can get ther est. Otherwise I'll return those 3 probably. I spoke with a manager, and he said they way al those lights were in their system, he thinks they are leftover from last year. H also said, they have been told that they will be getting christmas stuff through next June! So, what are you thinking you have on hand?
  14. Last year I bought 400 (4x100) LED string sets from walmart for $24. This year, all I can find are 100 sets for more than $10 I'm probably needing at least 3200 lights, so around 32 sets to do 8 minitrees and 2 giant driveway arches. Any ideas? I've checked lowes, HD, walmart and nothing reasonable. Looked at the walmart items I bought last year and it says theya re out of stock, so I dunno if they aren't getting any of those, or if they are sitting on a [Foul Language Used] in San Diego still. Amazon is even higher than walmart.
  15. Also, i'm gonna search the forum here. But, I'm looking to buy some LED string lights for these trees and arches. Last year I got from walmart 400 ct (4 x 100) sets, could pick any color, and they were under $24 a box. This year, walmart keeps showing those specific items are not in stock. can't find similiar on their site. Been to lowes and HD, and small 100 ct LEDs are over 10 a box, and no bigger boxes or rolls like the 400. I think I need prob 200 for each tree x 8, and prob 1600 for the two arches. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks
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