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  1. Was it mentioned here before that someone was going to create a version of this for basic led channel faces? I may have mis remembered but I would love to see it and kindly request a share. I promise to not claim, own, modify, or reshape this. It is not mine, and I know that. I’ve seen it in years past and it’s really really funny. Im on S4 thank you all so much.
  2. Any idea when the spring sale is?
  3. Was just curious if anyone has heard that they might offer an additional sale to those that failed to get through, or another sale in general? Is there a summer or fall sale? Right now I'm building in floor light channels under the assumption those will return to stock at some point this year, and would love to get them on a sale, but don't know if that will happen or not.
  4. Good ideas on extra hardware. I’d love to use those channels to get my eaves lit but that would def require a lift or truck. Not sure I’m that committed to the cost. anyone ever have luck speaking to local volunteer firemen or anything and they swing a truck by for an hour one day?
  5. Thanks. I don’t want to have unused channels. I wanna make the most use of them. can you send me a video of some of the things you described? Candy canes sound interesting.
  6. Thanks. I don’t recall ever entering there that I was on S5. anyhow regarding my questions. so I’ll change the rgb channels to a cbm24. any neat ideas to do with these extra 5 channels in my small front yard.
  7. Thanks all for the replies. I’m on S4 and I just upgraded to the latest version of that. Sounds like I just incorrectly chose Dmx. Every YouTube video I found about how to add rgb channels they showed choosing dmx. so instead I just choose cmb24? I havnt upgraded to S5. JR you and I texted a couple weeks ago about that. I’m just quite nervous about difficulties of the transition and if I’ll have to relearn things or lose anything I have. I’ve got about 45 singing face sequences that I’ve pieced together from generous people here @nd many hours of work. For my 32 new channels I’m adding 8 trees (8 bushes I already have in a row. 2 multi trunk crape myrtles and a bush beside my garage. That’s 11. Of the 5 remaining channels im debating what to do for my other 16 channel controller I’m adding I’m thinking of doing 2 giant arches that cross my driveway (8 each) so for those extra 5 channels mentioned above I’m open for ideas. Right now just thinking of a spinning wheel effect on the ground across the front yard. (Like 5 long straight strings of lights that will look like they spin) have a better idea for 5 channels? I could also do 5 strips down tree style from a high point on my house. Could also do a smaller 5 segment arch but I think it would look weird compared beside the 8 segment arches. im planning to order the 8 flood kit soon which will add large light and movement to the entire front of the house. I do not currently have eave lights as it’s so high I’d need to rent a lift or bucket truck to get them up and back down. If I did I could use the 5 channels there easily.
  8. SO, I bought 2 regular 16 channel controllers from the Mad grab. I'm planning to also get the 10W RGB flood kit. It was OOS during mad grab, and I'm hoping they run a spring or summer sale. If anyone knows let me know. ANyway, so I'm playing with adding channels to my face sequences which will be these new controllers for trees and windows etc. I added 16 + 16 regular controller channels, and then I added in what amounts to 24 channels that I converted to 8 RGB channels. (Used DMX controller per youtube videos) I upgraded my software to basic Plus that said it will run 4 controllers. When I opened the sequence to start fiddling it said my software version wont support non LOR controllers. Did I not upgrade high enough or should they not be DMX controllers? I didn't se RGB in the controller list. Help appreciated!! Thank you
  9. I bought two fully asseembled AC controllers to add another 32 channels this year. Should have bought 3, but oh well. I wanted the 10 Watt RGB flood kit but it wasn't in stock so not part of the sale. Anyone know when the summer sale is? Hoping its gonna be on sale then as I see tis back in stock now. I still want that for 8 more flood channels.
  10. Man its simple. Now, my two faces are just plain AC light tree faces, 7 channels from Holiday Cor..... But same concept. I did use 2x4. as I wanted it a little thicker off the wall t0 have plenty of room for all the light wires in back. Just built a square frame, screwed it togehter with deck screws, no corner braces as its really strong. Screwd the faces on, painted the frame outer edge black to blend in. Then I drilled a couple homes in the brick mortar, and then got regular plastic drywall anchor sleeves, removed the metals crew, and bought a Hook that I could force thread into the plastic with pairs of plyers. I prethreaded it in to sort of cut a path into the plastic sleeves. Then I inserted the sleeves just as a slightly snug push fit. Then threaded in the metal hooks. This pushed out on the plastic just enough to bite the brick mortar and lock in. Then I put eye hooks into the top of the frames pointing up, and hung them on these hooks. VERY SOLID!!
  11. JR. Are you doing the face classes? You helped me get started last year. I really appreciate it. I’d like to join one of your classes so I can create and contribute. Thanks I tried to quote you but didn’t work first time. You helped me get started last year and I appreciated that. If you’re doing the face classes I’d really like to join so I can create and contribute.
  12. Hi James, Hope you had a blast with your christmas show this year. I loved mine and cant wait to add channels next year. This is the sequence I mentioned to you when we spoke early december but I didn't know the name. I think I just called them talking trees. I'd love it if you would share this to me. I'm on S4, with 2x 8 channel regular LED trees from Holiday Coro. I'd appreciate the share to work with it. I just downloaded the audio tracks from the above site. michaelrrhodes@gmail.com I promise of course to not share, sell, trade or claim ownership of property thats not mine. I will use it for my own personal light display on my home. Thank you
  13. I would love a copy of this, if you’re willing to share. I’m on S4 16 channels. michaelrrhodes@gmail.com i promise to not sell share trade or claim your property as my own.
  14. Hi. If you’re willing to share I’d love a copy. I’m on S4. 16 channels. michaelrrhodes@gmail.com I promise to not sell, share,trade or claim your property as my own.
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