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  1. I would like a copy if you are still sharing. Thank You! gdickason@pacificdecorative,com
  2. The instruction with the card state the the first controller needs to be set to unit 01 and it is, so i dont know why its not working im in enhanced mode at 500k
  3. im not sure i understand if they are a match
  4. Hi all: I purchased a LOR TSO sd card to play out of my gen3 mini director & FM transmitter. problem is i can get Music to play but i get no lights on any off the gen3 controllers. Help!
  5. Merry Christmas all, I'm hoping someone can share a sequence or two for the LOR 16x25 pixel tree. Another user on this form was able to repair the tree for me. I would love to get this in my display this year and make some people happy! gdickason@pacificdecorative.com Thanks!
  6. Please, thanks for sharing. gdickason@pacificdecorative.com
  7. I have had this 16x25 LOR pixel tree ,purchased it in 2017 yet to see it work outside the HU.If someone has a sequence they could share that would be great. gdickason@pacificdecorative.com
  8. Hello; I purchased an LOR TSO upgrade card to run my LOR 16X25 pixel tree, its say plug & play, but i insert it into my mini director with everthing hooked up and i only get sound from the FM transmitter, no lights from the pixel tree or 16 channel controllers. all of my non pixel SD card work all controllers just fine mini director=uMP3g3 gen 3 director. 4-CTB16pc gen 3 residential controllers Please Help! thank you!
  9. I found the receipt for the tree, I purchased this tree during the summer sale 8-23-2017
  10. The nodes (pixels) have 3 three wires, 4 wires or appears to be connected to the controller, chip board have 12v printed on it.
  11. This I what I purchased,I think I purchased it in 2016 but it could’ve been 2017 Plug-n-Show - Includes ribbons, controller, all tree hardware. 6'6" pixel tree with 400 pixels. Includes everything necessary to setup the tree.
  12. Power up reset was preformed, still no pixels lighting up, recheck all 8 pixels connectS to the tree All tight, I get a small flash of light from the pixels as I rechecked & replugged them in. And connections inside the box seam solid, no jumper wires coming off the + side in the box,This was purchased new four years ago,And I did not remove any wires on the initial install,I also have never been able to get this thing to work. thanks for the response guys.
  13. What does your Config (button) screen look like? I suspect wrong chip type set or a wiring error? What happens if you press (and release) the white button onthe Pixie8? No pixels light up, LED light on the controller stay steady then starts Rapid flashing after about six seconds thanks.
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