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  1. Speedster, Thank you so much for the advice and the videos. I feel like I am so far over my head that I am going to go crazy. We have been hanging lights on the school for the past 2 weekends, and now we are ready to start on the backlawn where the actually LOR equipment will be used. I got my first 15 Christmas tree donation this morning and I am hoping to get some more trees in this week. Several of the local tree farmers have pledged to donate us some trees to use. I know that you have to try and balance the amp load from one side of the controller to the other, but do you have any ide
  2. Thank you Jim, I didn't even notice that. I have whatever software license that came with the starter package.
  3. I am totally new to this, but I was tasked by my principal to help put together a Christmas light show fundraiser for our middle school. I have ordered the TSO starter package with 2 extra controllers for a total of 48 channels. Right now we have a mix of about 30,000 lights to use, mostly LEDs. We live in the Christmas tree capital of the country or at least the east coast so we have asked for Christmas tree donations from the local tree farms. I am hoping to use the trees as most of our props but I would like to add some other things as well. First I am wondering if there is a certain way th
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