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  1. I saw they were backordered, but I figure if I am going to do it better make sure I ca do it. Did not thing of the Pixie 2 to run them.
  2. We are looking at trying RGB icles that WOW lights carry and wonder if they are worth the time and money. They say they are only 6 feet per strand and wondering how you would create them in the S5 software and if it is smart to use like a pixie8 to control what would be needed for the roofline. Any suggestions or recommendations?
  3. when I connect the device to a lor controller it allows me to set the current time and the date. It never shows the clock time moving as time passes. When I put the sd card in it shows wait like it has a sequence to play, but does not come on and he time on the device is still at what I originally set it to. I know it has to have a battery inside to set the clock and run it so is it possible to replace it and if show how? I set the sd card using the Hub and set the start time and end time for the show. I updated the firmware yesterday and still the clock shows nothing other than what I se
  4. Kingston came with the Director box I am using S% sequences should that matter?
  5. I used the LOR Hub to create the SD card with the sequences. The controller is set to channel one and I have two CB100B in the setup that is addressed also. I can run everything from the computer and I can run all the lights using the LOR hardware program. When I plug in the Mini all I get is sound. The CTB16PCV3 comes up with the green light and that it is. Nothing else. The network is set to regular and I tried to look at the network but it would not let me do anything with the speed or that. When I check on Advance card setup it said that the network was set by the hub. I use the
  6. I got the sequencer to finally show the item. I used a spare pixie 2 and set it to the setting and it worked fine here in the house. Now though all my CCB lights that worked before do not work. This is just insane that I fix one and then another one crops up. they show fine on the sequencer but when I turn the lights on to the display they show nothing outside yet they do on the sequence preview window.
  7. I created a sequence using the S5 software. Everything was working fine and the other night the audio device failed. I got it to reset and after that I can not operate one of my Pixie two controllers. It allows me to edit and update it using the software. I I can do an auto sequence in superstar and it puts it in the sequence but it will not show up when I hit play in the preview window. All my other devices show just fine. This one is set to LOR unit 26 as a Pixie 2 and I have the sequence on port one and two to run a set of arches but noting. I have even tried to run it by itself to
  8. JR thank you for your help. After you told me where to look I went found it created my aux network and it appears to be working at this moment. Will find out how good in the am. Thank you for your help Ron
  9. JR I have com 3 as the usb485b connector and Com 6 as the other one. I can run the 485 b and that is the enhanced network and it runs great. All the pixels are working. But I do not understand how to get Com 6 to operate. I tell the network utility that the aux a is Com 6. It will take it but it is not functioning from what I can tell. I can get the green status light on a controller connected to Aux A but it does not see the linker only the controller.
  10. I did that and it does not recognize the second adapter. Do I need to have both of them as usb485B or should it see the usb485 on the second usb port?
  11. I saw that and tried to set up an Aux network for the regular LOR controllers and linker but got no place. The software does not recognize more than the one come port. Is there something else I need other than the USB 485 and connected to computer? How do I set up the two networks on the one PC? I know the linker does not work with the High speed network and have them out of it right now.
  12. I am updating my display and have CCBs Pixie controllers and regular 16 output LOR controllers. Last year i ran linkers to get across the street and it worked fine with the one network but when I changed the network to enhanced and 500k they dont work at all. The Pixie controllers do not work and the LOR controller status light pulses all the time. If I hard wire that part it runs fine but I still need to get across the street with another network with the linkers. I tried setting it up but got no place. I have a usb 485b running the enhanced network and that works ok. When I tried to h
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