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  1. Received this from Light-O-Rama help desk: ... That is a very old device. Perhaps 15-16 years old. I am having a problem locating documentation for it. But it would work very similar to the CTB16D which combined those three boards into a single board. The biggest difference was that MX-PX did not have any firmware upgrade capacity. ... I have an antique!
  2. This is becoming even more intriguing trying to identify this unit.
  3. Yes that text is on the 8-channel output board. Says "MC-TB08 V1" Could be a zero or O can't find anything like that either.
  4. I volunteered to help set up a Christmas light show that uses LOR units. I have no prior experience with LOR but have worked on Allen Bradley industrial controllers. I am going through their LOR equipment and found a standard metal box with a label that says LOR1602W but when I opened the box it looks nothing like pictures of that model. Instead it has a controller board marked MC-PX and two 8-channel boards marked MC-TB08 V1. I can't find any information on this unit. Can someone tell me what this is?
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