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  1. mrsyfy

    mega pixel tree

    Got the computer to talk to the control box now. updated the firmware on the controller. I can run the HU and send test commands to one string of pixels at a time. But still unable to run a sequence to the tree using SE. Amy suggestions? Thanks
  2. mrsyfy

    mega pixel tree

    its unit 01, I just got it to update the firm ware to 1.06. I do not have it hooked to the tree yet. I also installed and updated driver for the USB485. but how can I tell the two of them are communicating without hooking it up?
  3. mrsyfy

    mega pixel tree

    Tried that, anything less than 80 and its unable to find a controller. I would like to update the firmware, but can't communicate with it.
  4. mrsyfy

    mega pixel tree

    Its just one controller for the mega pixel tree. unit #1 1 network a pixie 8D controller. I can get the computer to see it om com 3 but unable to send commands to it to test the lights. thanks
  5. mrsyfy

    mega pixel tree

    what type of cross over cable is needed for the cat 5? I have the usb485 adapter hooked up to the CAT5. I have a steady on the controller but its not receiving any input from the computer.
  6. mrsyfy

    mega pixel tree

    Just getting started with my mega pixel tree. Is there a video that sows you how to program the tree's outputs?
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