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  1. anything over 80 channels would be great danielspilgrim@yahoo.com for personal use, not sale... Thank you
  2. Would like to try out this sequence.. danielspilgrim@yahoo.com for personal use only, no sale or redistribute! thank you
  3. does anybody have this sequenced, before i start one? thank you
  4. Hello, im looking for singing faces of this track, was hoping someone has this before i have to sequence the faces myself.. thank you
  5. late to this but would love to add it to my show danielspilgrim@yahoo.com will never sell or share
  6. hello would love to add this to my mix, i will never sell or share,, danielspilgrim@yahoo.com thank you
  7. James we chatted while back on a facebook forum, you have a few great sequences that i would love to work with this being one, danielspilgrim@gmail thank you in advance
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