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  1. I have actually tried both ways. In Fact I got 7 sequences done and working just fine and then I upgraded to 5.5.16 and now all of a sudden nothing is working from Superstar. When I play the sequence its just a black screen and doesn't play the superstar stuff. Anything I do in Light O Rama sequencer works just fine and works on the pixel tree but if I go into SuperStar and back tot he sequencer then its like SuperStar is not passing the information back or something.
  2. Insert Superstar Effect in S% is not working for me. When working with my 16x25 pixel tree in the Light O Rama S5 Sequencer I go to the Pixel Tree Row and right click on it and click on Select Row. After that I right click on that row and click on “Insert Superstar Effect”. Once inside the Superstar Sequencer program I go to Layout and Select CCR Mode, Number of CCR’s is set to 8, Ribbon Length is set to Half and I click OK. I then get everything the way I want it to look like in Superstar and then I click the X in the Top Right of the window and then a window pops up asking if I want t
  3. Hi James I would like to have this please "I would like a copy sent to tikaice@gmail.com" "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share".
  4. I would like a copy please! tikaice@gmail.com Thanks
  5. Yes, I am using the HU tool and I have set the unit ID to what I want (41), in the sequence I have it set to use (41). I have other controllers that work just fine. In the HU Tool you can test the controller and make sure it controls lights before adding it outside to the display. The HU tool can not make my pixie8 light up and pixel lights. It does do anything. After the pixie8 boots up the first pixel light on each of the 8 strips, it is the only pixel light that comes on and it stays lit as blue, it doesn't turn off, doesn't flicker, doesn't change colors. I bought the 16x25 pixel tree
  6. Thank you for the quick reply. I missed one of the dip switches and that fixed that problem. Now my other problem still exists. Using the Light O Rama hardware utility I can not get any of the pixel lights to light up at all. The Hardware utility is recognized by the program but I can not get any lights to come on.
  7. I have the Light O Rama S5 v5.5.10 Pro 40 CCR software and the USB485-HS adapter and when I run the Light O Rama Hardware Utility I click on Auto Configure and the program sees that I have 1 controller on the network, so I then on the refresh button and it finds my pixie8 as unit ID 40. The first problem I seem to be having is in the box “Change Existing ID” I click on 40 as the Old Unit Id and I put in 41 as the new Unit ID and click on the “Change Unit ID” Button. I can then click on refresh and it shows the controller with the new unit ID. But the problem is if I unplug the controller and
  8. The problem had to do with Windows 10 and Windows Defender. Due to an issue with Windows 10 and a setting in the Virus & Threat Protection Settings, everything on the computer was set to Read Only. So when the installer ran it was not able to install certain things and even add folders. I tried running the installer in Administrator mode and that did not help. I uninstalled, rebooted and tried re-installing to no avail. That did not work. I went into file manager and tried changing the read only settings but that didn't fix it as it remained Read Only. I tried removing the Read Only parame
  9. I purchased Showtime Suite 5.5.4 Professional yesterday and it will not install correctly. I am getting many errors. When I run the installer it appears that it installs but upon running the LOR Sequencer it says since this is the first time running the program it runs the initial wizard. I choose the default recommended locations for data files that it suggest is c:\users\tikai\documents\Light-O-Rama and after clicking the finish button it then errors out and says "A problem occurred during the installation check: Could not find c:\users\tikai\documents\Light-O-Rama It does not appear that
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