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  1. Ok. Thanks for the quick response.
  2. I’m using S4.4.6 Pro. I was wondering if you can edit a .lss file? If so how do you do it? Thanks
  3. I’m using S4. Never could get S5 to work right. I’ll try it again after Christmas.
  4. Using the tree wizard. Where is the Grid View?
  5. How do I append it to my grid view? Not sure what you mean. New to pixels. Yes the fold gets me 16. What else do you need? Thanks
  6. I built the prop in the visualizer. CCR1 is 03 CCR2 is 04 CCR3 is 05 CCR4 is 06 CCR5 is 07 CCR6 is 08 CCR7 is 09 CCR8 is 0A
  7. The unit is 3. I’m using S4.4.6. I have 500k enhanced on Aux A. That is the only controller on it. Thanks.
  8. Why won't my visualizer display my Pixie 8 pixel tree prop when played?It is using AUX A network by its self. My AC lights play just fine on the Reg network. Please help. Thanks Ed Varner
  9. I tried but still no go. Ready to pull my hair out!!!!
  10. Sorry that is One is a 16PC-G3 Ver 1.06 the other is a CTB16PC Ver 4.32.
  11. Do I need to upgrade the firmware in my controllers? One is a 16PC-G3 Ver 4.32 the other is a CTB16PC Ver 4.32.
  12. Not the bulb in the system tray but actually in the corner of the S5 sequencer.
  13. Yes. What color should the light bulb in the lower right corner of the S5 sequencer be?
  14. I’m just trying to control ac lights. I have tried new props done in S5. It seems like the sequencer is not communicating with the controllers.
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