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  1. Thanks PhilMassey! Do you roughly know when the Spring Mad Grab Sale runs?
  2. Okay, so maybe start off with a laptop, small setup to tinker with in the garage and learn the software and how it works with the hardware and then when I'm ready to move forward buy a PC Desktop, dual monitors and the rest of my equipment and send it LOL!!! I know I won't be able to have it rolling this Christmas but plans are to know how all this works, buy everything on the Summer Sale and be ready for next Christmas. Is the Summer Sale the best sale of the year?
  3. Newbie question! at around the 50 sec mark on All I Want For Christmas when everything's red or whatever color it is, are those strobes or just pixels blinking white?
  4. So are the screens with the pirates like a matrix display or pixel wall? I'm a newbie and am fascinated!!!!! What are the dimensions of these displays and what are you figuring rough cost in supplies to build these?
  5. Another newbie wanting to jump on the bandwagon of animation. First let me start by saying y'all are AMAZING!!!! Next, when are the absolute best times to buy from here? I see Summer but like around what months and dates? Now, onto my MAIN question, I currently have all LED lights, everything ran off 1 - 20amp circuit with one set of outlets on each side of the house. I have upgraded the electrical just because and now have an additional set of outlets on the non-garage side on its own 20amp circuit. I've added a 4 bank of outlets on the garage side with its own 20amp circuit. I installed
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