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  1. Hi Guys, Thanks for the info. I'm using a (16x25) Pixel tree....8 strings of 50 pixels WS2811 bullets. This is driven by a LOR Pixie8D controller. the 50 node string is folded after the 25th node to form 16 strings.. Regards, Doug75
  2. Thanks Guys I'll go check it out now. Regards, Doug75
  3. Hello I'm a Newbie searching for some Sequences for Christmas. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Doug75
  4. Hello In September 2020 I bought a USB-485HS adapter, and the drivers CD that came with the adapter was one with old outdated windows XP drivers. I am running Windows 10 on all computers, and I'm having proble,ms installing the drivers. Any assistance in helping me solve this problem would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Doug75
  5. Hello I am building a 16x25 Pixel tree using a Pixie8 and 8x50 pixels (ws2811) 12v strings. What can i do with the Basic software and why do i have to get the Pro Software? Thanks Douge75
  6. Hello Thanks to BobW and The Ducks for the quick reply. As soon as I receive the HS adapter I'll try a thing and see what happens. i'll report to you Guys. Kindest regards, Doug75
  7. Hello Im a Newbie planning to build a 16x25 pixel tree using a LOR Pixie8 controller and addressable WS2811 strings. I will use 8 x 50 WS2811 12mm 12V strings, folded and uncut to give 16 by 25 pixels. The controller has 8 channels so how would I configure this setup in the software? Would I need to set this up as 8 channels with 50 pixels or 16 channels with 25 pixels? I already have the Pixie8, and the WS2811s. Do I need to get the USB-485HS adapter also? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Kindest regards, Doug75
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