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  1. I started copy/paste on a sequence when I noticed it too was off in places, so I just left it and did a few tweaks where it seemed to be off enough I could tell (not sure the average watcher will notice)...after listening to the same song and sections of it over and over and ....my wife said "Really, I hate that song now..." LOL.

  2. So, I figured I'd wait until post Christmas sales to pickup more lights.... well, my local Walmart is sold out, Home Depot is 50% more than Walmart and only has white left, BigLots last I checked was out of stock as well...does anyone have 100 count mini lights they want to get rid of? I am only setup to run LED and wanted multi color, but can't be picky now. I still plan to hit stores after Christmas to see what might be left.

    My prop for next year is to use a controller for a 20' mega tree, and wanted to use at least 8 channels and have 15 strands of lights plus a star. My star is white and so I wanted color for the "branches."

    Anyway, let me know if you have any to part with and your price with shipping to 97838 residential.


  3. First year and I have started to put up Christmas...my wife says to early, but gotta get all the physical and hard to do stuff done while the weather is nice. Also need to make sure I have all the cords and hardware needed to set it all up. I have 1 of 2 controllers mounted and 4.75 channels of string lights up, and 4 plugged in and testing as I type. So far everything is working as it should, just have 27.25 channels to go...I started about 3 days ago. Once I have everything setup, next year will be faster.

  4. Is there an easy way to assign a controller? I have a sequence that I built when I just had my 1 controller and now want to dedicate a single controller to it. I was able to change it going channel to channel and changing the controller ID, but wonder if there is an easier way? Some way to select the 16 channels and change it all at once? Did I miss something in the documentation? Also, if I setup a sequence from new, it only shows the last used controller, in my case, now 03. What's not working right?

  5. Ok, I noticed it said they are through hole and not surface mount, but compatible with all LOR controllers. And when I looked at card-assembled, the one you just install the cords, it says it is a Gen3.

    At regular prices, it's a difference of $44 between Ready-To-Go and card assembled, so I would probably just go with Ready.

  6. Thanks for the help there. Didn't know there was a big difference between gens to make a difference....lol. but I do have a Gen3. Eventually I plan to get an MP3 thing too, less cabling out the house, the better....and I can use my computer for my other stuff. And when I noticed the price for used ones on eBay I was like...hahahahaha, that's maybe a $20 savings off a new one. And I have no issues with soldering my own together either. 

    Again, thanks and appreciate the heads up.

  7. I just bought my first CTB16PC last August, 2019, and realize now I'd like at least 1 or 2 more. I don't have enough lights yet to go beyond 16 channels because I usually buy after Christmas sales. I was let go from work prior to Covid and now have little money to upgrade/add to my new hobby.

    First grand baby arrived in July and the neighborhood would enjoy something cool.

    I have some money but would prefer to get used equipment to save money. I've seen controllers on eBay for as much as new one, so not going to buy there. I was hoping for the August sale this year, but I guess with all that's going on, that's not happening.

    Anyway, does anyone have a controller or 2 they want to sell? If so send me a price with shipping to 97838. I can pay through PayPal easily.



    Jeff Cates

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