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  1. There are other notables Jim didn't mention LightORamaJohn Board and Product designer tech guru. LightORamaChuck Chuck Smith Of Planet Christmas fame. LORAdmin The 'report' button goes here known as Don when not wearing the LOR hat.
  2. Thanks Orville Yes like you I want to extend the lead a little on a my 'last few' strings. I think I owe you a shipment of CCB plugs too. Sorry I had forgotten about that. Lets continue this on PM.
  3. Any junk light strings with the nema 1-15 unpolarized plugs sitting in storage that will never get used? Im doing a little experimental project and need a pile of both the plug and receptacle ends. These can be from incans or broken led strings. The lights are not going to be used so I am not looking for anything of value. This is an example plug end which shows the fuse. I need this and the other end too.
  4. I do have kids now 13 & 10. No they dont eat everything. I say they pretend to eat then ask for dessert. Just yesterday one said she didnt like the dinner served and my wife let her eat sugar cereal instead! Same sweet tooth asks for FroYo every time we drive by it. My kids dont care. But there have been several who were very interested in sequencing and having their own shows. I sold one an old controller and sent all the links to software. He did a very nice 3 song show. Another kid helped me carry and plant a bunch of props. He was very proud to be allowed to help!
  5. Lightning has struck my St Louis house twice also. July 3 2003. Every low voltage thing in the house blew. I was looking out the kitchen window and my hair stood up and boom it hit the tree about 30 feet from me making a gigantic crack and peeling off the bark. It came in the house and singed the silver off the mirrors. Peeled off wallpaper. Blew out the tv, answering machine, caller id box, and all the phone lines never worked again. There were two holes in the window shade near the blown night stand clock. About 80 feet away it blew out the door bell, and both garage door openers. It knocked out a saw dust fan in my wood shop which was not even powered up. The biggest mess was a small hole in the roof and a trail into my bedroom where it popped out dry wall nails and blew dry wall dust. The hole in the roof was from a branch of the tree that was hit. I had an insurance claim on all that damage. Years later my Halloween display was hit a few days before ToT. I think I lost 7 CMB100D and 9 stands of 50 pixels. It came in to the house over the Cat5 and melted the RS485 and blew the sound board but the pc survived along with the transmitter. FYI LOR was very nice back them to give me a discount to recover from this disaster in time for Christmas. Still I'm not so sure I agree with the level precautions. I have known people who cant leave the house without unplugging the toaster and cant leave the clothes washer or dish washer running cause they may explode or leak. But that's just me and I find this funny.
  6. I say I don't have a facebook account which is true in that I don't have one with my name on it. My high school classmates wont find me. But my display has a page which is under my wife's account.
  7. Yes it was never a problem for me personally. I get gobs of storage for my web hosting account.
  8. There has been a longstanding issue with this forum on posting pictures. Years of upgrades but never a better way to post a picture. Sharing is part of the fun which FB and can handle much better.
  9. I will PM you to set up a Teamviewer time.
  10. S4 VIZ does have a 50 pixel limit for LOR controllers. S4 SE and player can control 100 pixel lights, you just can not visualize them. BUT S4 does visualize 100 pixel strings defined as DMX with no problem. For my S4 config I use a DMX arrangement to visualize and also a LOR arrangement to play. The newest big advance for S4 is the PixieLink hardware. PixieLink only works for DMX configs! And it translates that for non-dmx LOR controllers. If you get a PixieLink you can visualize the longer strings in S4.
  11. Too bad this delivery charge topic is not a stand alone thread. I am pasting in the before and after shipping charges for the PixieLink. Recall the madgrab cart said ~$22 shipping. I had placed a separate order which showed Shipping 44.22. The final shipping was 44.22 after the PixieLink order was combined for zero additional shipping. This example does not show what the shipping would have been if I had not placed another order at the same time. But it clearly shows a post submit change in my favor for the small item. Night of sale Name Code Qty Each Options-----------------------------------------------------------------------PixieLink sACN Adapter 21Spring-PixieLink 1 109.95 Subtotal 109.95 Shipping 21.93 <-- Order confirmation shipping Tax 0.00 Total 131.88 Shipping notice Name Code Qty Each Options-----------------------------------------------------------------------PixieLink sACN Adapter 21Spring-PixieLink 1 109.95 (Shipped) Subtotal 109.95 Shipping 0.00 <-- Shipping notice shipping Tax 0.00 Total 109.95This completes your order. Thank you for shopping with us.
  12. Mike could you repost the message or find the link to LOR shipping charges? I tried a bunch of searches and didn't find it.
  13. This is new behaviour. Not clear it is intentional or not. Sadly I can not track when items are sold out if it requires selecting the item to put in the cart to tell if it is sold out.
  14. I dont see any Sold Out at all on any Item yet
  15. yes I got it! It said problem with PayPal but I didnt want paypal... SO I tried PayPal and the order went thru.
  16. How long items lasted will be posted as they are sold out here.
  17. All the S4 face sequences I share have an animation. Its there and works and makes it easier than sending the Viz file along too. Usually no reason to change it or make anything new with it.
  18. Its kind of a tradition for me to keep track of the Mad Gab sale page. In 2020 the sale was in May. The PixCons were first to sell out in 6 minutes and all the singing trees were gone in 16. https://forums.lightorama.com/topic/52063-how-long-did-secret-sale-item-last/ Those who are waiting for a bargain price should be prepared. In and out in the first few minutes.
  19. The street light in our cul-de-sac has been annoying me for years. I have been giving it the evil eye but nothing happens! Our little neighborhood has a bunch of them BUT they are not evenly spaced and certainly do not cover even a fraction of all the corners and streets. The accident argument sounds scary until I see lights with a two house range which are 10 houses apart. What about all that other space and lawyers winning cases against the city for all the accidents which happen between the far spaced lights? Oh yeah... there have been no accidents I am aware of. I am personally aware that lights do burn out and are not repaired for a long time. In our subdivision we only pay for the electricity to the power company and at a much higher rate to cover bulb maintenance since they planted the poles. Our costs are lower when the bulbs are not repaired. The largest cost our HOA has is street light electric. We have petitioned the power company to use LED lights instead of halogen to save on our electric costs but they say no. The LED bulbs to fit the poles are not approved yet! How many years does that take? And this is a contract we can not get out of. They wont sell us the poles. We are told they can be turned off but we are not allowed to operate them so we would need to plant new ones including new wire between them. Ok so that long ramble is kinda about how I also feel defeated by the light and its impossible to fight the power company forcing us to endure them.
  20. Very easy to overcome. I think the steppers are perfect for this because they are self centering in the hole with a long lead. I used a grinding wheel on the bit to remove a step. Now the largest step is the size I wanted. I only had to grind down one step. This allowed me to push the stepper all the way through without worry of ruining a hole. I have used this stepper on 1600 pixel tree holes and 3200 sign holes. All of them have the square pixels.
  21. The holes are too small in all the mountings. When you force the bullet or square into the small hole it distorts the mounting. I have drilled the holes slightly larger and then get a perfect fit. Yes its a pain to drill 1600 holes. But they fit much better not as hard to insert and they dont fall out IF you find just the right size.
  22. Maybe if Machtoo is wanting the 50s .. I can you mine since I would rather have the 100s
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