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  1. That was 81. My cousin Gustave was controller LaGuardia and was fired. ~1984 I went to his graduation from chiropractic school in Brooklyn.
  2. Hey ! Another cassette player guy! I missed it earlier. My HS class was 1976 but no computer classes were offered till college. I learned CoBOL in 1983 and got paid to do it until about 1996. A lot of VSAM DB2 JCL CICS and even some assembly language in there. I did a few years around '86 on some portable hand held computers with radios inside and tiny screens which were used in huge warehouses for pick bins. Then we started upgrading our entire software inventory to com/DLLs for YK2. I did a lot of years on the huge footprint IBM monochrome terminals which were 80x24 characters (no color or pictures) and the keyboard was like a brick.
  3. Im coming to this thread late! Im old too. TI 99/4a was my first owned computer. It used the tv for a monitor and had NO hard drive. I had to use a cassette tape player to save my basic programs. Watching the tape counter was the only way to find and not overwrite your programs. But three years before that in 1977 I took my first college programming class in Fortran. No monitors at all and no disk storage. I had to type my programs and the input data onto punched cards and kept a rubber band around the deck to keep them in order. It was unforgiving of typos. Each time I wanted to run the program I had to wait in line at the card reader machine then wait for the printout. It told me if the compile was a success and then ran the program which had to output its results to paper. Having a screen to see my typing and correct it and switching to a cassette tape to save my work was a big upgrade back then.
  4. Are you sure its the board and not the power supply? I had a fail last December and replaced only psu.
  5. The inner workings of the schedule and show player are not exposed. However the files are plain text so can be viewed and overwritten. The way to programmatically do it is by replacing the show file which the schedule file is playing. The player detects the .lss changes and restarts after completion of the playing song. One way to do it is to name playingShow.lss in the schedule. Then prepare a .lss for individual songs. To force one to play just copy it to the name playingShow.lss. Have fun with your project.j If you want try miip, email me from the link on my SD page.
  6. freeFileSync free version does have RTS -> RealTimeSync which is a separate small program. It detects additions/updates to folders and then launches FFS to do the copy task. You can turn on RTS when you want or make it a start up task or even set it as a service. (I have not tried that one)
  7. Doh Looks like a Gen2 in the posted picture.
  8. I thought the sale was going thru today? Sept 8. JK I got what I wanted.
  9. ItsMeBobO

    Computer ?

    I have owned several of the ultra small and was satisfied with them TheDucks. I still have one in use running the show for the lights I set up in the kids basement. Interesting you mention a usb CARD. I think the extra USB jacks on this computer are just plugged to the other board making it an internal USB hub.
  10. A PixieLink will also do it. Its like 6 of the Red adapter. This option means you set up your channels with DMX universes.
  11. The zip cord will be very heavy. Dont let its weight pull on the 20ga. Usually a lot easier to mount the controller closer to the prop. You didnt say how many extensions you plan to make?
  12. I looked into this deeper. I am going to take the blame for this error box popping up. In the PapagayoToLOR program I wrote 10 years ago there is a "view" button on the upper right. This generates a file called CompareMouths.html and saves it in the mouths folder. This allows you to see everything at a glance so you know how to handle the face you are working on. Sorry my bad. Please continue to ignore and blame me when you click.
  13. Just ignore that! Its a nothing error. This version of papagayo has folders for the images called mouths. There is a file in the mouths folder somewhere which is not an image. The program only expects images in the image folder and is burping cause it doesnt know how to handle it. The program should just be silent on this error and continue.
  14. Here is to hoping you get back in the seat sooner than you expect JR. I agree there are some good souls on here and we try to take care of each other when we can. In honor of that sentiment.. Krissy Lights I will do the mouth movements to a song for you to get you rolling. Hopefully a song which I can also put in my own shows. (ok I admit I am not as generous as my hero JR on this front)
  15. I failed to mention that papagayo creates 10 mouth shapes. For me this is required since I use a pixel panel which displays all 10 phonemes. There have been times I really wanted to use some of JRs fantastic work but my props just cant display the five. The papagayo to LOR program is where the 10 get reduced to 5. There is definitely some art to this because some props will look better with the top and middle paired and others with the middle and bottom paired. Also your prop may have a very low bottom lip so you may want to assign the rest to the middle lip or even the top instead of the bottom.
  16. Sorry I have been away from the forums for a bit. There is so much to say about papagayo. Who ever said papagayo can only do one voice! It can do unlimited voices in the same file I think Papagayo is MUCH easier than trying to do it by hand! That is just crazy and my friend JR is crazy plus two to try and convince people to think otherwise! (You know I love you babe!) Being able to tweek the papagayo is a plus for sure and not a minus. Please think of papagayo sort of like superstar in that the effects are stored in another file and you generate the sequence. SO you can go back to the papagayo and adjust it and then rebuild it. This has GOT to be easier than listening and tweaking the channels! I have used all the versions and still swap back and forth on occasion. The how to videos are very old and so am I, I mean so is papagayo. There is some good news for next year because papagayo has been rewritten to have more features including auto word detection in the media! Please PM me if you have a particular problem or if you want some free tutoring. My most fervent and important and critical advice that you cant miss is to CONFIRM by looking in the file that you are 100% certain you are using 25FPS And that you get EVERY SINGLE sound or word written down before you start sliding anything. That means every oh hmm whap and sound you want a mouth movement for. You really should listen multiple times to get them all for sure. Then you hit the button.
  17. There are other notables Jim didn't mention LightORamaJohn Board and Product designer tech guru. LightORamaChuck Chuck Smith Of Planet Christmas fame. LORAdmin The 'report' button goes here known as Don when not wearing the LOR hat.
  18. Thanks Orville Yes like you I want to extend the lead a little on a my 'last few' strings. I think I owe you a shipment of CCB plugs too. Sorry I had forgotten about that. Lets continue this on PM.
  19. Any junk light strings with the nema 1-15 unpolarized plugs sitting in storage that will never get used? Im doing a little experimental project and need a pile of both the plug and receptacle ends. These can be from incans or broken led strings. The lights are not going to be used so I am not looking for anything of value. This is an example plug end which shows the fuse. I need this and the other end too.
  20. I do have kids now 13 & 10. No they dont eat everything. I say they pretend to eat then ask for dessert. Just yesterday one said she didnt like the dinner served and my wife let her eat sugar cereal instead! Same sweet tooth asks for FroYo every time we drive by it. My kids dont care. But there have been several who were very interested in sequencing and having their own shows. I sold one an old controller and sent all the links to software. He did a very nice 3 song show. Another kid helped me carry and plant a bunch of props. He was very proud to be allowed to help!
  21. Lightning has struck my St Louis house twice also. July 3 2003. Every low voltage thing in the house blew. I was looking out the kitchen window and my hair stood up and boom it hit the tree about 30 feet from me making a gigantic crack and peeling off the bark. It came in the house and singed the silver off the mirrors. Peeled off wallpaper. Blew out the tv, answering machine, caller id box, and all the phone lines never worked again. There were two holes in the window shade near the blown night stand clock. About 80 feet away it blew out the door bell, and both garage door openers. It knocked out a saw dust fan in my wood shop which was not even powered up. The biggest mess was a small hole in the roof and a trail into my bedroom where it popped out dry wall nails and blew dry wall dust. The hole in the roof was from a branch of the tree that was hit. I had an insurance claim on all that damage. Years later my Halloween display was hit a few days before ToT. I think I lost 7 CMB100D and 9 stands of 50 pixels. It came in to the house over the Cat5 and melted the RS485 and blew the sound board but the pc survived along with the transmitter. FYI LOR was very nice back them to give me a discount to recover from this disaster in time for Christmas. Still I'm not so sure I agree with the level precautions. I have known people who cant leave the house without unplugging the toaster and cant leave the clothes washer or dish washer running cause they may explode or leak. But that's just me and I find this funny.
  22. I say I don't have a facebook account which is true in that I don't have one with my name on it. My high school classmates wont find me. But my display has a page which is under my wife's account.
  23. Yes it was never a problem for me personally. I get gobs of storage for my web hosting account.
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