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  1. Are the two Pixie 16s each on their own rs485? Please point us to a minute and second and a prop on the video.
  2. your channels are grouped under a unitid (channel numbering starts over) your units are grouped under a network id. It used to be a 'controller' was one unit id'. But as things progressed they made boxes that held more than one unit id. Pixie16 has 16 unit ids.
  3. The problem sequence has 2 centisecond timings which I guess is too fast.
  4. You will be notified if you sign up. Are you two guys having a contest or something? Did I trump you both by providing the link?
  5. Hi DougM There was a recent prior thread on this topic which I am linking here. Matt replied with some good news.
  6. Still hold out hope so I can move to S5. Nice you said one of. I spent all summer trying to get ready for S5 by removing the many macro commands not supported in S5.
  7. The scrolling text was generated by my own tools. I do not use SS. But I want to reiterate the sequence visualizes without stuttering in SE as shown in the video. The actual lights stutter both when played in SE and from LORMonitor/Player. This video is from SE. In the video the same sequence loops four times. And in each loop the stutter is in a different place. Clearly the problem is not in the sequence.
  8. In this video I captured four stalls for my roof sign which is built from four Pixie16 with 5v strings of 50 pixels. Three stalls are on network A and one on network C. I have also seen the stalls on B but never on Network D. This is running on S4 4.4.14Pro using LOR enhanced network 500k.
  9. Documentation says device expects a universe. This mean the PixieLink is clearly not a faster replacement for the HS/Red adapter. First you must change your config to DMX universe from LOR channels. I find this strange because the Pixie16 does not support universes. People using a Pixie16 will normally not have dmx channels in their sequence. In my case I am using S4 and also have 100 pixels strings which do not work in S4 visualizer. S4 viz can visualize 100 pixels strings only if they are universes. In order to see my work I have the mega tree defined twice in my config. Once
  10. LightORamaJohn posted a draft version of the manual 1.0 Now the LOR documentation page has links to version 1.05 http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/PixieLink_Man_Web.pdf
  11. Any word on this? I have 6 pixies and five of them showed network problems. It would be so awesome to try one while the megatree is up but the show is closed down.
  12. All the pixel strings need support. They can not support their own weight. You can select your own spacing by how you mount them up to the space on the string. Also I should point out the space between pixels is NOT precise. Do not count on every space being exactly on spec within a string or across strings. Tree calculator
  13. Wow that was a lot of work! Wish I had the time you found this year.
  14. The "Retro Matrix" is still very popular and stands out as an awesome prop. Its very bright and never fails. For 2021 I want to make it even BIGGER. I have been doing the Pixel lights since the first season they were available and I have many. But I still love my old fangle, single color, AC controller prop. This one has 96 channels and 24 poles of 4 channels. Each channel has a single 100 led string wrapped around it. I need to sell this to make room for my bigger one with twice the channels. I am not selling the AC controllers I use for this. (but I do have 3 1602
  15. The Xenon light output is far superior. I have tried all the strobes and prefer the Xenon and yes I know they have a bad failure rate. The new 'better' waterproofing is completely bogus from my point of view. I am old school and simply expect the changes in temperature to pull in the moisture from the air. My solution is to drill a weep hole in each one. This defeats the waterproofing but allows water to drain. I think I posted a video about this 5-7 years ago. Rummaged around and found this pic from 2010 which shows ice inside the strobes. I'm still using this kind
  16. This week I had a big intentional bonehead. My 24 foot sign says view show from far side of street every 5 minutes or so in four foot letters! So this guy was not moving. I sent him an additional message on the sign to pull around which he didnt SO I turned off the sound. He did not move as I observed via the LORex cameras. Several other people did leave. After about two minutes which is forever to me. He pulled away and I turned on sound immediately so he KNEW it was him stopping the show. Someone shamed him with a message on the board.
  17. I relate to the bonehead guest. Actually TWO KINDS of boneheads. First bonehead "Oblivious to all others" stops in the middle of the road or parks stupidly. I put a sign on a tree which says "Parking here blocks the view of others". Second bonehead "Too polite to move forward" leaving big gaps and unused spots. Another sign says. "Drive around cars not moving to fill in the empty spots"
  18. Same story in a different paper. This doesn't really happen because we are told to politely endure it. https://www.westernjournal.com/couple-shamed-christmas-lights-anonymous-letter-reminder-systemic-biases/
  19. Jim Stop Please you know this is not how support is conducted. You must do a verify and examine it. Then contact me via email. Do not post day to day mishaps here.
  20. You broke the camels back Jim. I am removing the opening and closing song feature from Miip.
  21. Great Drs took care of me and I am now home from a five day hospital stay. Will be trying to catch up over the next few days.
  22. Weather has be over me for sure. Its been brutal and I am not out of it yet. Sorry for delayed response to miip support.
  23. The problem was found and Pixcon is now controlling lights! After successful configuration and lights test, the network adapter needs to be restored to its prior settings. The adapter settings were changed just to configure and not for normal communication. Which in my case was to Obtain an IP. After a reboot, Lights came on. BUT the status indicator is still blinking red. Which is supposed to mean no communication... but the lights are following the sequence.
  24. Reporting minor progress. The very next search after disabling power management the Pixcon appeared in the list! Not over the hill yet tho.
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