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  1. That was me! I will let it slide this time Jr. I concur with forum problems when using phone. I can't get to pms at all. I see the notifications. I think they are opening off the screen out of view.
  2. What you have in yellow is the port of the Pixie. The Pixie8D will only have the top 8 filled in with a universe. It doesn't matter what Unit id the Pixie is set to. The critical path is .. SE DMX universe -> NP Universe directed to PixieLink IP -> PixieLink config directs univ to output port. -> Pixie
  3. It was 40 degrees this afternoon with temps in the teens and even below zero forecast for the next week or more. It had to be today. I played hooky from work and finally took down the horizontal arch, house outline, and the pixel tree today. I have that sad feeling that the glow is over. My across the street neighbor and I have had our lights on every night since before Thanksgiving.
  4. All that happens is I capture and post it.
  5. JR almost 1k reactions and 10k posts. I will like you just to push you over. =p
  6. Maybe the PI discussion could have its own thread. This one is about AJR Bang!
  7. I saw them in the video already posted at 5:10 and 22:40
  8. Doh I highly suggest you ask people for spares. I dont use those plugs and have no use for them. I can send you some. I have 20 something of the CCB100 and dont use the plugs on any of them. WAY too hard to get in. I just hang the controllers and moisture drains out. The first year I plugged them and moisture sucked in anyway just like the xenon strobes. I also want to say the controllers have not been damaged by the moisture I found inside when plugged. I dont find moisture when they are not plugged.
  9. I think its this setting. What is your resolution and scale? Try setting the scale to 100 .
  10. Are the two Pixie 16s each on their own rs485? Please point us to a minute and second and a prop on the video.
  11. your channels are grouped under a unitid (channel numbering starts over) your units are grouped under a network id. It used to be a 'controller' was one unit id'. But as things progressed they made boxes that held more than one unit id. Pixie16 has 16 unit ids.
  12. The problem sequence has 2 centisecond timings which I guess is too fast.
  13. You will be notified if you sign up. Are you two guys having a contest or something? Did I trump you both by providing the link?
  14. Hi DougM There was a recent prior thread on this topic which I am linking here. Matt replied with some good news.
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