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  1. Avast They have been blocking every program including miip and LOR programs. It was off during configuration but now back on.
  2. I do have a ticket in to the help desk. I have a USB 3.0 network adapter which I used to configure the PixCon16 to E1.31. The network pref were set automatically. The self test cycled the lights. My S4 test sequence has turned on a few stray lights lights but not the pattern I expect at all. 1% lit in wrong places and wrong color and movement. Power steady on status flashing which means no communication. Another thing which is bad... the show computer is interfering somehow with my sequencing computer which is the one I am sitting at now. I am unabl
  3. Besides 2020 itself is a big exclusion! Im blaming the lack of sequencing and failure to prep new controllers totally on 2020 life disruptions.
  4. Five minutes staring at the pixel tree with an entire string not lit right in the middle. Pixel 1 stays lit. How can I get a spare string delivered fast? How can I mount it in place since entire tree is up? Should I splice in a new pixel 1 is racing through my head. First reboot ... same Check all the wires ... same. Idea! Spray some corrosionX in the connection. Thank god that worked! All 100 lit and all 3200 in pixel tree are dancing. Phew.
  5. Disney did this in 2016 also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwL3tkX6HLg
  6. My two orders were great. Customer service responded right away. They had extensions in stock and cheaper then others.
  7. Im planning on doing a Covid parody. Not done yet but will post when I can.
  8. I liked this to bump you to 1000! ->
  9. Premade Cat5 is already cheap. My Geek factor is clearly lower than yours as I would never consider arranging the wires in that little jack.
  10. Welcome Val! You will find many willing to help here. This is the time we are all very busy setting up our own shows tho.. Most of us synchronize the lights to music. You didnt say you wanted to do that. If you do then you will need speakers for walk by people to hear. Or you could have a radio transmitter so people could hear in their car. I am guessing you want to attract eyes with the lights to the four windows with out sync'd music. If you plan to drape the lights on hooks in the windows I think you would want the c7 bulb style. These are visible from most ang
  11. You may be able to obtain some original CCR wire just by asking in the forum. There may be people with broken CCRs strings who can just cut off the white wire and send it to you.
  12. Thanks Doug and all for the replies. I am asking about a camera in the middle of the guest action. Like on that tree in your bottom picture Doug. My two views of the street from cameras on the house are about 30-40 feet away and everything looks small. When I look out the window from the camera position everything seems so much bigger. The wide angle of the camera catches a lot but smaller than life. I am wanting to add a POE camera not attached to the house but instead on a tree looking down close up at cars. I already have Cat5 to this tree for a 50w flood. This camera would get
  13. This spring I purchased a LORex security camera system. It has LOR in the name so I expect it to be good. I was wondering what others do with their cameras related to show traffic. I have an extra camera which I want to mount on a tree at the street. All the other cameras are mounted on the house. Has anyone had guests notice a camera and mention it to you they were bothered by it?
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