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  1. Why do I keep missing that? Oh well here are some videos of past parades on my facebook page. Every year I get a little better but this step may be more than I can pull off. https://fb.watch/2ObCNPtEj2/ https://fb.watch/2ObEpbNOWr/ https://fb.watch/2ObWzZlY4x/
  2. Would it be possible to modify this 4 wire rope light to work on the LOR network? https://www.birddogdistributing.com/content/pdf/Brilliant-Spec-Sheet-RGB-SMD-LED-Rope-Light.pdf
  3. If I am to go this route, what pixels would you purchase and what would you consider to be the minimum spacing you would want from pixel to pixel? Perhaps I should add these to the rope light system I already have, just to give a little pop to my display as apposed to starting from scratch.
  4. That would be great. I hope he pics up on this thread and chimes in. Thanks.
  5. I agree. It definitely needs to be rope lighting. The way I have it now is each rope is connected loosely to a length of Dacron line. The line are stretched tight from the mast head down to the boom (sorry sailboat terms). This way the rope light follow the straight line without having to be stretched very tightly themselves. It works good but I want to change colors. Chasing via smart pixels would be nice but not mandatory.
  6. The bottom line is I need to hoist the light rope 50’ in the air. What I have now works perfectly with the exception of being limited to the factory color.
  7. Did regard that. I didn’t realize it wasn’t rope lighting.
  8. What if I were to retrofit this product? Separate the RGB LED Strip Light, IEKOV AC 110-120V Flexible/Waterpro... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0784ZL8C5/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_api_glc_fabc_cjG8Fb4AW0PRJ?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 do you think it could be done?
  9. Yea it’s a tough decision. What I have now is 110 volt and very bright. I wouldn’t mind using dumb rgb because I could at least have more color combinations. This year with Mardi Gras being cancelled there is talk of possibility doing a night parade through the neighborhood. It would be great to switch from the red, green, and with Christmas theme to purple, green, and gold. Is there any way to combine the 110 volt AC controller along with a color changing controller to make things work?
  10. Thanks. The fire and tail are animated and move to the beat of the music.
  11. I use both. I have the whole system connected the a 110 volt circuit that comes on automaticity with my landscape lighting when the boat is at home. It uses a SD card in a director to control everything and to provide audio to my fm transmitter. During the parade I use my pc to control everything so that I have the flexibility to select certain sequences in the fly.
  12. For several years I have led a Christmas boat parade through our waterfront community. I have a fairly elaborate display using the CTB16PC 16 channel controller to drive the 16 channels and more than 500’ of LED rope lighting. The problem is although I can turn on, off, fade up, down, shimmer, and twinkle each circuit in a very impressive arrangement to musical sequences, I want to upgrade to a lighting system where I can change the rope light color and add chasing effects as well. Because the display will be viewed from all angles, it needs to project light out in a 360° pattern. I would like
  13. Thanks. I’m planning a major upgrade to my show for next year so I’ll be using this forum for more guidance in the near future.
  14. Will I be able to update my existing sequences with the new audio format?
  15. I have a large assortment of both musical and animation sequences of which over the last few years I have played on my pc. This year I decided to automate my shows by saving them to an SD card and playing them over the LOR Mini Director. The problem I have is the majority of my sequences were created with MP4 audio files. These do not show up when building a show using the Hardware Utility. How can I save these MP4 sequences as well as the animated sequences to my SD card so they can be played over my new uMP3g3 LOR device?
  16. Can anyone explain how to use the fade up and fade down tools with DMX? Every time I try using it, it changes the color to white. I want to fade with a custom color.
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