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    Use LOR for Haunted Tour annual lightshow which is a fundraiser for the local arts community.
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  1. FYI ... The PIC microcontroller was the problem and the unit has been replaced. LOR took really good care of us and got us an emergency replacement within a couple of days. Really good service and they were VERY understanding of my panic situation. I am very pleased by the level of support both from LOR and from these forums.
  2. Thanks all.... I can tell you that LOR has most definitely taken care of me ... I will have my new controller by night 3 of the event. I will most definitely petition some funding for spare components. It makes a lot of sense and I never want to be in this situation again ... talk about stress. Thanks all.
  3. That makes sense. We are talking an emergency replacement with LOR. Man talk about some bad timing. Thanks for all the help.
  4. The board was working for about a month. When we loaded it up on Saturday and ran a soak test it died about 2 hours in. Nothing unusual going on ... it just stopped working. Has anyone ever replaced the PIC on a board? How would the Pixie Config/Code get loaded onto a PIC that we would replace onto the Pixie16D board?
  5. That was going to be my next question ... I we purchased a PIC replacement (because you can buy them almost anywhere) ... how do we load the Pixie config/code onto it? Has anyone every done that?
  6. Had a technician look at the board and he narrowed the issues down to inside the DSPIC33EP512MU810-I/PT microprocessor. Not much to do except replace the board. My lightshow (which is a fundraiser for the local arts community) is supposed to start tonight :S Good times.
  7. .Yea by the end of the day he had pretty much narrowed it down to issues in the PIC DSPIC33EP512MU810-I/PT Not much I can do about that :S
  8. I have a technician looking at the board right now and he believes that the voltage regulator VR2 is loaded or shorted. He is looking for the schematics does anyone know where they can be found? The manual is not really that helpful.
  9. Yes, I have tried that. Holding the reset button does not seem to do anything ... neither when power cycling nor during regular operation. The LED1 does not light up at ANY time. This morning the HU is now finding 0 units so overnight the Pixie has become completely unresponsive. I am pretty sure the board has gone bad but how could one even know if this is the case? Unfortunately my show starts tomorrow night so this is pretty rotten timing for the board to die.
  10. Yes, I have tried that. Holding the reset button does not seem to do anything ... neither when power cycling nor during regular operation. The LED1 does not light up at ANY time.
  11. Yes. The com listener is fine. I have tried switching power sources. I have tried various RS485s. I have tried multiple CAT5 cables. All with the same result. Even if the problem was between a port and the controller ... shouldn't the LED be blinking? The fact that NOTHING is happening at LED1 ... does that mean that the controller card is bad?
  12. Tested each output and there was 12V between + and - for each channel
  13. OK apologies if that causes confusion. So would an output have power to the pins if I am not sending it through the LOR? or the sequencer? I would assume that the output pins would not have any readiings until I actually send some signals to a particular output?
  14. The power supply is current limited, so no fuse on the pixel strings is required From the documentation...
  15. I am not aware of any fuses that are on the board with the exception on the individual channel fuses. Would the fact that 12V can be seen at the terminals not indicate that the board is getting the power required?
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