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  1. Thanks! I need to turn the remote props on/off via show control. They are self-powered by batteries, so I need LOR to issue a command by radio or IR that they can receive (I would need to install receivers in the props).
  2. I have a few self powered props that I would like to remotely control (turn them on and off) as part of my show. What would be the best practice setup for this? I can install any sort of appropriate radio receiver in the prop. Thanks!
  3. Our 2019 Holiday Show, Magic in the Stars. Two LOR 16 channel controllers, two original CCRs. 2019 Holiday SHow
  4. So I think I have a corrupted sequence. I tried the normal boot process, laser connected to the laptop normally, and ran a couple of different sequences each with several DMX laser changes. All worked perfectly.
  5. Thanks Phil! Will report when I chase it down. CP is running, no changes to the PC.
  6. Downstream device is not working. Figured next I would swap the two cables. No change in the PC at all.
  7. I have a Chauvet Scorpion three beam laser that I run on a separate DMX line from LOR. It’s been rock solid for 2-3 years. The DMX line then goes to another light. The laser is now losing it’s DMX mode both prior to running a sequence and during a sequence. Replugged the cables and high speed LOR dongle. Perhaps a cable/dongle failure? Or device related?
  8. Got the fade tool to work with both single and multiple colors. However, trying to twinkle anything but pure single RGB results in individual colors twinkling, rather than the selected colors, such as yellow and purple.
  9. Would it be easier to do simple original CCR color changes in SE instead of SuperStar? I am using a full length ribbon as ambient color....all blue, fade to red, etc. Is it also possible to split the ribbon into two colors....a foot of red followed by a foot of blue, repeat, repeat. Thanks!
  10. Simple question: Using a CCR for single color, ie fade up to blue, fade to red, etc. Is there a straight forward way to have the ribbon show two colors at once (no animation), say a foot of red, foot of blue, red, etc. Then change to a full length solid color, or two different colors. Thanks!
  11. This box is marked 12 volts. My original plan was to cut a CCR in half, and use it there.
  12. I have an extra CR 150D controller. Will it work with the pixel bulbs on closeout sale? CL-CCB-BULB-100-BULBS-DRY-LOCATION$25 Thanks!
  13. I found a broken wire in the relay box, all fixed now, but I did purchase a new relay just in case.
  14. A few years ago I purchased a fog machine relay box from an outfit called Creative Lighting Displays LLC. I used it to trigger a Chauvet fog machine from LOR. It worked perfectly until recently. I've inspected the connections, and possibly the relay has gone bad. I can't find any reference to the company, and figure it must be out of business. Looking for assistance in some sort of replacement. Fog machine works perfectly from its remote. I'd like to move to a DMX based system in the future, but DMX capable fog machines are expensive. Thanks!
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