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  1. And he speaks better English than Ray as well LOL
  2. magish01 wrote: If I am not mistaken each Node is one channel. I haven't done much with the smart strips yet. So that string of 100 would use 100 channels.
  3. Cracker has a good point. Test, Test, Test. I have bought 20 RGB strips from the same company, and I still make sure I burn them in for at least 30 hours, and use different DMX controllers as well. The thing about a 10 M strip is you might have to inject power at the other end if it looks like it is fading towards the end.
  4. I have been in this Oil business for over 30 years and have seen this more times than I wish to remember. For some stupid reason we follow OPEC prices,and we are not even members of it. One of the reasons for high prices is supply & demand. The demand is high, but we do not have enough refineries to keep up with the demand. As long as the EPA gets involved in stopping Oil Companies to build refineries, we will have this problem for some time. Yes ND has a huge field of oil right now, but getting the oil to a processing plant is not easy. There is not a big enough pipe line to handle all of
  5. I don't think you would need Enttec by the way it looks, I like that controller!
  6. Caleb Linburg wrote: You can't use any USB cable to program them. There is a special circuit built into the USB plug.
  7. I would like to get these as well. But I am just going to wait until they get tested by more people.
  8. Avery we are going to be holding a get together at the end of April in Merced. We are going to be doing some RB things there as well. You are more than welcome to attend it. email at bdeditch@gmail.com for more info.
  9. Just thought I would let everyone know that Enco has a great Web Deal on 63/37 Solder. It's shipping out of Nevada, I got mine before I got the email that it was shipped. http://www.use-enco.com/CGI/INSRIT?PMAKA=317-0877
  10. you can add up to 18 I would think
  11. Ben monro wrote: I have been thinking the same thing Ben.
  12. Check to make sure it is not the strip that is wrong. I had a sample string that the blue & green were wrong on it.
  13. beeiilll wrote: Even the Digital one is a good price
  14. If you have a Radio Shack near you, go get this, it's a great deal http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3928375
  15. bdeditch


    I just noticed there is an update for LOR that some DMX upgrades are in it as well.
  16. I am sure you can put me down for one as well.
  17. ydeardorff wrote: What size of Power supply are you running from each module if you are running 20 M of strip lights? Are there the 30 LED's per meter?
  18. bdeditch

    Start to End

    bdeditch wrote: Actually Eddy would like everyone that wants one of these to join the forums, and I think that would be a nice gesture for all the work they did on this manual. Lets show them we appreciated all there hard work
  19. bdeditch

    Start to End

    He put on there to download.
  20. bdeditch

    Start to End

    Its to big to post here, but if anyone wants a copy PM me with your email and I will send a copy to you.
  21. bdeditch

    Start to End

    Fast Eddy made a manual I think everyone should have http://auschristmaslighting.com/forums/index.php/topic,1890.msg15577.html#msg15577
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