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    RGB Nodes

    If your going to trust an seller from China, Ray is the one to trust.
  2. Try this http://www.enttec.com/support-center/kb/article/000044
  3. Check your firewall and antivirus if its blocking it.
  4. Ok go to the enttec site. Register, and starts trouble ticket. I know I had to do that for my pro aand it was somethingsimple. Message me if you need any info for the open.
  5. Better yet try s different usb port
  6. How old is your computer?
  7. If you can, why don't you dig about a 4 foot post hole, cement in a PVC pipe in the ground, use a 3 inch if you are planning a 2 inch pole. Then all you have to do is pull it out when you are done. Cement a collar with thread at the top and screw in a plug. I have had that for 3 years and it works great. You want to have it deep enough to steady your pole, but still use guide lines. For my ring I use guide lines, 4 of them, from the top of the pole, attached to the lifting head. They are then attached to the ring and you can adjust it to make it even.
  8. Caleb is one smart guy, he will help you figure this out no problem.
  9. Hey Scott did you know we are having a get together in Morro Bay in August?
  10. He did the same for me when I had a problem.
  11. What size of wire is it and how far is your run?
  12. It was me you gave those directions to, I forgot I had them saved.
  13. Try clicking the top box on the bottom. And I will tell you like I have told everyone else, take LOR's advice and get the Enttec or Lynx.
  14. bdeditch


    I don't really think anyone know how we will hook up to the lor except them right now. Bbut I am sure we will have to get some type of add on.
  15. Brendan, what if a person is using part RGB and then the rest of LED lights.
  16. Thats going to really helpful thanks for the videos, I think we can all use that
  17. NorthwestBrendan wrote: Good Video!!
  18. scubado wrote: If you want to see bright, you should see the LED Fluorescent tubes I got, not made in China but the US. One of those could replace 2 of the regular ones. And they run off a driver like the strip lights.
  19. I found the one I thought was deleted. The email address was the old Travis one he used to have. Some one hacked it.
  20. Orville wrote: This from the old site, before reindeer took over.
  21. I have been getting a spam email at least once a week from the former LED Holiday Lighting. Just wondering if I was the only one.
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