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  1. Not I , but I will be out there for a week in September, in Moline.
  2. Ok...................... LOL. Can I get a little more detail please LOL.
  3. I will have to try that later, one other question, what is the difference of the regular & DMX setting on the color fade tool?
  4. But John, that can take a heck of long time for someone doing a lot of channels. It would be nice like the regular channels to click and turn it on. I was trying your approach and I had some weird things happen like doing a color fade in the channels above and below, and filling it right to the end.
  5. I agree, its like you have fill the whole channel in with the color you want and then, go back and with the pointer set to off take out what you don't want. Very Time consuming.
  6. Yes I think there is no other choice, its to bad that a person could not choose a color and be able to use it like you can the fade tool
  7. Yes I think that is the only options right now, off or white color. I guess I will have to do it the long way.
  8. OK that I tried, but what if you were to copy and paste a timing from a non dmx channel to a dmx channel and then just change the color of each on one. That is where I am having the problem. I get the color fader and have yellow on both sides and I would figure that if you had your LOR button to "On" and you touched the grid segment it would change to yellow, but it just goes to white and it pastes as white as well.
  9. Let me rephrase this. If your timing grid has 10 sections per second and I wanted to have yellow in every second timing grid in that second. e,g off/yellow/off/yellow/off/yellow/off/yellow/off/yellow
  10. Not sure if this is the right forum to post in. I have no problem copying and pasting a color fade, e.g Red to blue, in the RGB channelsa of a sequence, but if I want to do a solid color only in, e.g. say 5 of the 10 timings in a second, I am having one heck of a time. I have to click on one that is the right color, right click and copy, and then paste on each timing that I want the color to be there. And I doing something wrong? I do have DMX editing clicked.
  11. Now where does a person have to go to listen to this?
  12. I have really good luck with the strings from Walmart for store bought ones. HD I stay away from, the lowes one would be my second choice if I was going store bought one.
  13. It funny I had to make a trip to Home Depot and looking at both the Security 18/4 and sprinkler wire 18/4 and they were both solid core.
  14. OK I am admitting I made a mistake, I should have looked into this further before positing. I just didn't think it was such a big deal when I was using the Cat 5E for a 30 inch length. I agree the security cable is the best way to go on long lengths. But what is the difference between the security cable & Sprinkler cable besides price. I would think the sprinkler cable would be more weather resistant that the security cable.
  15. My God I am sorry I take it back I made a mistake. I can't correct the original post.
  16. I agree I should have mentioned exactly what I was doing, but it's funny how someone before mentioned that people are using cat5 and nothing was said about that. I checked with people that have a lot more experience in this and they all said if you are not making a long run you will be OK. One said that he has used it for a much longer run and had to inject power into it to make up for the power drop.
  17. And I also forgot to mention that this 30 inch extension is running a 2.5 meter, 30 LED/meter RGB Strip
  18. I am going 30 inches from the controller to the RGB strip with 12 volts. Not 30 feet.
  19. Oh you know it, check redneck repairs, I bet there might be one there as we speak.
  20. I said ABOUT Chuck LOL. I never affirmed 12 gauge at anytime. Its like saying its about time Christmas shows up, that gives me 5 months to play with.
  21. I stand corrected, I think some people thought I was putting 120 Volts in the cat 5E, its only 12 volts and take apart one of the connectors that you can get from China, the wire is very thin in them.
  22. U used the Cat 5E cable and doubled up the lines, so from a 24 wire size to about a 12, and they work great. The security cable is very rigid.
  23. I guess Caleb had a bad cable, he replaced it and all is well.
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