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  1. I think the best light to us is an icicle light, but be prepared, I thought of the same thing and figured out roughly 350 feet of lights. this was a fairly wide bottom on these trees I have.
  2. OK that make a lot of sense now.
  3. How come when you use the fade up or fade down button on a DMX sequence, it automatically turns the color to white and then fades to off?
  4. I know that I was issued a new card from B of A because of a breach in a vendors system. They never told me which one.
  5. Yes I did, and I did last year. Why don't you leave and get back where you belong. Better go read it again, your nothing but a trouble maker, maybe one of the rumors were right and you are the proof.
  6. Well Paul I have heard many stories about you, but I don't come in here and post anything because " I heard from someone". Until I see proof on paper and treat them all as rumors and hearsay..
  7. Did you buy lights from Jacob this year or last? Well said Tim
  8. Why would any factory tell you someones elses business?
  9. But they did it again this year, but I am sure finally tally won't be seen for a while.
  10. You know what, no one is telling you to do presale. So if you are not happy with any of the Chinese Vendors, go there yourself and find a good vendor, and see how everything goes with your first order. And the reason I mentioned Pauls lights is because that was a major problem, due to faulty workmanship, and no fault of Pauls. But guess what, people had to wait for lights because of this, or buy twice while Paul had to get that mess sorted out. Was it Pauls fault? Heck no, something he couldn't control what so ever. Poor guy said he just about went bankrupt over it. What a way to have a busine
  11. I think you arer missing the point, it doesn't matter what vendor you go to in China, ICE is going to treat them the same way. I don't even think Jacob is the middle man in this situation, I think its the Chinese vendor, ICE, and then Jacob. We have no control over what ICE does. As you can see Jacobs lights came in and were not confiscated, therefore he bought from a good vendor. More than likely there was to many fires causing by electrical stuff coming from China, and the government finally stepped in. As for the other vendors., I have no experience with what they were selling or how fast
  12. Here's a link to the "Operation Short Circuit" that took place recently. Now maybe people will understand a little more what was going on. http://www.ice.gov/news/releases/1110/111021washingtondc.htm
  13. Mine will be here by Thrusday. All set for the season, Thanks Jacob.
  14. I got my tracking numb ers today, it shows they were picked up.
  15. DHS have been instructed to open and inspect any containers coming from out of USA that contain Christmas lights, Christmas decorations, and artifical Trees. If you want to call this a delay on Jacobs part, your wrong. It was not his fault they shipped the wrong lights at first, I am sure he is stressed out enough as it is. As for the other suggestions of buying from others, that is your choice, but some of them had bigger problems in the past.
  16. hey Eddy, whats going on with your site down under, it says it unavailable.
  17. Ray is a great guy, and has great product. But like mentioned above, he has been over run with orders. Its good to know that he is trusted so widely.
  18. I am in the same situation as you, in the foothills of the Sierra's Nevada's. My tree is about 32 all together, but I have it in the ground about 3 feet and then have room underneath to place my box that has my controllers in it. I used the anchors from Tractor Supply. I used a pole hole digger and set them in and then cemented around it, they are a bit below ground so I can go over with the lawn mower. I made sure that I did turn it into the ground for at least 1 foot. here they are
  19. I deal with Ray and I also deal with this one http://www.lgdlight.com/ His name is Gary and I have to admit he is very honest, or has been with me, when it comes to choosing lights. Just remind him to ship DHL if you order from him. I think Fedex has gone around and been giving them a good deal on shipping.He also has a great knowledge page that shows a lot of information on the RGB Lights, haven't seen this on any other site from China http://www.lgdlight.com/en/news/led-knowledge.html
  20. I don't right now, but I will take some. Or are you talking about the first post?
  21. I will be there for a week beginning next Saturday, for the long weekend plus.
  22. My RGB strips are on 1/2 inch strapping tape with clear heat shrink holding them in place, with D-rings on both ends for attaching them.
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