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  1. You can't use dumb strips with the P12
  2. Heres one the newspaper did, http://youtu.be/nPwoaJVVor4 They are the one's in front of the window
  3. Yes it would be. I built 2 this year a little over 8 feet high with 18 half strips. It came out nice.
  4. I am interested on what you are going to use to run these strips e.g. what type of controller. If you are going to use 18 strips for 360 tree in is going to have a large gap between the strips.
  5. That one I forgot about from Andy. He just made it last week.
  6. They is a easier way to do that PM me and I will send you a link with pictures.
  7. Andy has 4 videos concerning this, this is 2 out of 4
  8. A WS2811 is a smart strip and cannot be used as a dumb strip.You need to have a dumb strip controller to use on Dumb strip's , the E682 is a smart strip controller that used E1.31 to configure it. If you need more help message me and tell me EXACTLY what you want to accomplish and your facebook ID if you have one. Contact me as well if you need any help, glad to help anyone needing it.
  9. My controllers are in metal boxes and then a chain, that there are attached to, is welded together. I have to use bolt cutters to get them off.
  10. If I have to worry about some stealing my lights, cords or controllers, I might as well shut it down for ever. If they want anything, they are going to take it. But I am not going to lose sleep over it. Its a hobby, not a job.
  11. I know what you mean, I look at my lights after doing a song and say " I could have done better" There is always something I miss. I had to redo most of mine from last year. I must have been in a hurry and sure made a mess of some.
  12. But at least you are doing your own sequencing. I give a lot of credit there. How many songs do you run?
  13. I never asked you for your opinion, you gave it. And I also think you are scared of competition. I seen your videos and I don't understand what you mean by "Wow" factor. You call yours a light show and so does the guy down the street. Yours looks like it is in slow motion. I have no problem giving my opinion either.
  14. You got to be kidding, you don't want more doing this?
  15. I didn't want anything about my display, I wanted to give them something that explains the equipment that is being used. They can see what it does, they just want to know how they can do it.
  16. It to bad, I am sure they could do a better job than I can.
  17. I don't know how many times people asked me in the last few weeks what I use. Why doesn't LOR have a one sheet ad that I could print out and hand out to people when they ask.
  18. I had a box with about 15 strings that were bad. It seemed that a green led bulb was defective in every string. Sacrificed one string, and now I have about 14 good ones.
  19. That seem to be the issue for a lot of people, if you have any other problems LMK. I have helped a few fix it.
  20. Its good to see people with good knowledge of this. One thing I noticed it can be a bugger to just make one square a color, you have to click and drag down only it seems. If you try across it has a mind of its own and different colors show up. The ramp button works good I found out as well.
  21. What are you using for a dongle and what version of LOR?
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