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  1. How big are your sequences, with the pixels I can bet they are 100 times bigger than a sequence with out them. You might need the 4 GB patch to fix it.
  2. Thank you so much everyone, I thought I was the only one with this problem. I guess there are many, its to bad it has to be that way. The copy and paste went real fast, the saving and opening are still slow, but better.
  3. That would be great, now will I have to do anything with the existing sequences e.g redo them, or it should just fix it for me.
  4. No it is for LOR, I just got the instructions.
  5. OK I did find it, but no instructions how to install in and where.
  6. OK I am have no idea what is going on so I am going to post this here and other forums to see what I am doing wrong and hopefully someone else had this happen to them. I have been having a problem with LOR not wanting to play a sequence in the show editor. What I have been doing is this. I have 6 LOR controllers, one Enttec Pro that I use for my dumb RGB strip, and added this year 24 1.31 universes that is been run by 2 Joshua P12R that controls a 180 degree model pixel tree. I have also been using Nutcracker to program my effects on the 24 universes. I am using the same sequences from last ye
  7. Why are you going thru the dongle? You need to plug into your computer where you would plug in your cat 5 cable for the internet.
  8. yes it was and richard made the video as well
  9. I know what you mean, I bought 2 rolls of 5000 feet each.
  10. I have another person interested in joining us from around the Elk Grove area.
  11. Well lets make it happen for sometimes in August then. I know I am busy August 3rd, and I know I can have some others from the Sac area show up as well. I am using the Joshua System P12 for my smart strips, Ray Wu's 27 channel controler's for my dumb strips, and about 6 LOR controllers.
  12. Our last group order was over $10,000.00 and it came right in without any stops.
  13. Rays sister got in a serious accident a few weeks ago, and has been trying to look after her and run the business.
  14. We should plan for a weekend maybe, it would be easier for us to all get together.
  15. I am sure they are listed as 2811. I know I had to do the update to get it.
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