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  1. EthanP wrote: I took last year's sale prices and found an average saving of 17%. See the attached file for more details. Change it from .lms to .xlsx in order to view. what type of attachment is that?
  2. LightORamaDan wrote: Sorry about that. We tried it one time and had a lot of problems with customs, import fees and duties, exporting technology and a lot of issues. There must be an easy way to do and maybe for next year we will change the rules so that if you are international then we just give a cash amount instead of the computer. Just a suggestion Dan, what about a gift certificate for Dell canada if it was needed.
  3. At work we use Hughes Net sat for the internet, running XP pro on computer, Just don't understnad why it would block anything.
  4. I tried yesterday to put in license key into my work computer. It kept telling me to make sure that my user name matched, which it did. I got home and was able to register the software on home computer with key I got that afternoon. Got to work thias morning and tried again, uninstalled and re installed LOR and still would not let me register it with key. Any ideas what couldbe wrong?
  5. Denny wrote: The same thing happened to me, and I used the same email I purchsed with.
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