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  1. I would love to see our whole stret, both sides lit up, I couldn't care less if its just a string of lights or full blown. The more the merrier
  2. You can run 96 channels of LOR, and that is it.
  3. you have to change EVERYTHING to DMX, you can't run the LOR controllers with NC like you would with the LOR software.
  4. Is your LOR Control panel unloaded? If it is on you will get a light show like you wouldn't believe.
  5. Make sure LOR is completely off when testing the lights
  6. yes that will, for dumb strips only, not the smart pixel ones.
  7. People have tried with bad results, get a dongle and you will have no problems
  8. Hey can you get a hold of me about the power supplies. Mike wants some bdeditch@gmail.c++
  9. I had a great time, and it was nice to see so many people, lets do it again soon.
  10. Is It the Round Table the one on K Street ?
  11. Me and Mike Eaker will also be there, see you all at 6 PM
  12. Sorry Saxon, if you don't know the secret handshake, I don't think you can come
  13. I will try as well I know someone that might, he lives in Sacramento as well.
  14. And I remember when people referred to people using LOR, as professional decorators as well.
  15. I know people are in a rush, but I have no plans to run my Christmas show for another 10 month's, I can wait a while yet.
  16. Well some people are scared to post results here in case the post gets deleted, like some have already.
  17. What I have heard about the last upgrade, that was released the other day, has made it crash even more than before. Is this is what can expected?
  18. I am in the same boat, and expect to do the same thing, if LOR wants to help they will do something real quick.
  19. I like the design how it will keep water away from the wire inlet. What do you think cost will be to buy, and how will you be selling them, 100 a bagor 250 ?
  20. I am sure I can and a another person from Sac
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