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  1. The board I'm using is the QJ-30CHDMX20140730 (DMX515) from AliExpress. I' bought the HolidayCoro ActiDongle #53/V2 dongle, but am not using it because I thought the dongle was as the alternative to E1.31 and for use with the LOR SuperStar version. I'm using the normal LOR version Pro. I read an article about how you need to use a router, so I have hooked up a router now, but still now response at my controller board. I do have the flashing green light, though.

    You need the dongle, unless you are going via a 1.31 bridge

  2. I'm using Light O Rama, Pro version level, to run some dumb nodes off a 30 channel DMX controller that lots of people are using - the one from China. I have my cable plugged into the back of the computer and into the DMX board. I have set the proper settings in the Network settings E1.31 and assigned an IP address to match the IP address I set on the computer for the network as shown in many videos. I have set up the DMX RBG channels in the sequencer, but when I run it, nothing lights on my controller board. Since the Pro version supports DMX, I figured this should be working. Has anyone any suggestions? I am a newbie to DMX. Thanks.

    What are you using for a dongle?

  3. Guys and Gals !  Chill out.

     The show as not created or intended to appeal to light designers.  It was created to appeal to the average Joe (or Jane).  As such the stuff that we look for is minimal to them.  Think about how a Forensic Scientist looks at  any of the CSI shows (likely throws up after every episode if they would even look at one).

    For us, we want exactness and setup information, for most of those that stop by to see your show or google it, they want pretty and fun and could care less what brand controller was used only that is looks and sounds nice and makes them SMILE.  Remember what season this is anyway.

    Merry Christmas to ALL !!.

    Jerry they have basically said that if you have a "Normal Display" you are a "lighting No" I think the majority of us here are a Lighting No according to them.

  4. I didn't tell them to shove it, but I did get an e-mail a year or was it 2 now?  Can't recall but the Christmas Great Light Fight had e-mailed me if I wanted to "showcase" my display on their show.   I politely said, no thank you.  I just don't feel my display really is one that should be on the show, it's very small, compact, just felt it really was worthy of such "prestige", and aside from all that, I just didn't want the publicity either!

    I am sure they asked you, they have never asked anybody yet, but you they asked, right.............................

  5. Interesting, I've never had any issue with them and we only have 20K lights (which I believe is the minimum). Maybe it has something to do with the density of displays in the area. There's not many around us.

    They keep hounding me to update my display profile this year and I haven't bothered. I think we've gotten one viewer through them that we know of...

    its actual Tacky Tour Richmond

  6. I submitted my pictures for the list this year and I got rejected even though I have more channels and more lights. I don't have the same "density" of lights that I had last year.


    Oh course I don't! It's a different house with a bigger yard!




    I don't think I need their help anyway. I live on a great street that will get a lot of traffic. I can just use the social media I already have. I don't have the desire to deal with their stress anyway.


    I think Richmond.com has forgotten why the list exists to begin with. It had nothing to do with them...


    No real comment or question. Just venting... :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

    We have the same problem with a person here in California. They pick what they like to have on their site.

  7. Well, I've soldered a cat 5 cable that was 75 + feet and had no issues.  Unless you're using crappy solder, I don't think you'd have any degradation at all.  Maybe I bought magic solder?   ;)  You need to chill dude...  Where's you're display, btw, it looks like we live fairly close to each other...

    I have done the same and I am still using it after 5 years.

  8. Hopefully some one can help ......  We added an E682 this year to our show, my first experience with RGB. The problem is that a sequence I purchased , The Grinch, has the words reversed when it plays. All the other sequences were sequenced in  X-Lights  and work perfect. The X-Light sequences are set to start at the bottom right, so I figured this one must start in the bottom left for it to be reversed. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.  Kevin

    Go into XLights and change the starting corner in the model you are using it on e.g from Bottom left to Bottom right

  9. It does depend on your comptroller and specific configuration. With the 682 if only running one controller and grouping universes, setting each universe to max at 510 channels for 2400 channels equates to 4.7 universes, thus the 5 universes.

    Quote from BMurray


    I have a similar setup from Holiday Coro. Each strip has (150) LEDs. Every (3) LEDs is (1) pixel. So...each strip has (50) pixels. for a grand total of (2,400) channels. Also use (2) power supplies. (1) for each bank Universe 1-8 and 9-16 

  10. Danbo, it looks like your strips are 150 LEDs, making it 50 pixels (groups of 3 LEDs per pixel)...same as BMurray had mentioned. To get the colors right through all universe's your channel count will max at 510 rather than the normal 512 allowed for DMX. Once the channel count is set on the 682 it should only need 5 universe's for all 16 strips. As Dennis said, if you haven't gotten the 682 manual yet, go get it from San devices website, it holds all the info you need.

    If its 16 strips, its 16 universes. I had exactly the same strips last year, but 24 of them. I never used the E682 but 2 Joshua P12R's, 12 universes each.

  11. I'm not 100% sure how it happened. I just bought a new P12 and set it up for 12V with a Jumper from the first to second slot and then a jumper from the 3rd to 4th slot for 12V,


    No lights hooked up to it as I was just going to config it. So I powered it up and Bam..a nice little spark and a crackle from the board!. 



    The only thing I cant think happened was after i tinned the wired ends I saw a single strand from one jumper touching the other..would that be the cause?


    I made sure the jumpers were not touching and powered up the board again and its up but I only see one Green LED light up on the bottom board instead of all 3.  Looks like the two in the rear of the bottom board are not lit.

    I am not sure a single strand would do it, but who knows. So you started from the left and went from +V to VI  and then from VO to +5 ?

  12. Thanks guys for the info. So if I get the afformentioned network switch, I would come out of my computer to the switch, from the switch I would extend to my controllers from seperate ports and each controller would have their own IP address. My J1Sys controller already has an address of could I address the PixCon controller to or do I need a different network address?

    Not sure how the pixcon works, but yes that is what you would have to do. In my case I run 3 P12R's and each have there own IP address.

  13. Two sequencing program?  I knew about one.  What was the other?  I used xlights for some cool effects this past year if anyone is interested I could show that off for those who are curious.  


    I am fine waiting until May.  I don't plan on doing much until then anyways.  I do want to setup a lighting matrix if anyone has done that or is thinking about it I would like to learn more.  


    Lets pick a date.  May 9th I am open but right before mothers day so that may be bad for people.  May 16th, 23rd, 30th are all good for me.  

    LOR is coming out with a new one by the end of March and Xlights 4 should be out by then as well.

  14. Sorry guys, I am out until April or May


    Ken is booked in April... so I am pretty sure the next time will be April or May.. unless someone else wants to jump in and set it up. 


    The next one I put together is in need of a topic(s) and or presentation(s).   Any suggestions?

    By that time we will have 2 new sequencing programs to play with and discuss.

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