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  1. You need the dongle, unless you are going via a 1.31 bridge
  2. Jerry they have basically said that if you have a "Normal Display" you are a "lighting No" I think the majority of us here are a Lighting No according to them.
  3. I am sure they asked you, they have never asked anybody yet, but you they asked, right.............................
  4. We have the same problem with a person here in California. They pick what they like to have on their site.
  5. I have done the same and I am still using it after 5 years.
  6. Go into XLights and change the starting corner in the model you are using it on e.g from Bottom left to Bottom right
  7. Hopefully I will be completely done, would be nice to see Old Sac all lit up.
  8. Quote from BMurray I have a similar setup from Holiday Coro. Each strip has (150) LEDs. Every (3) LEDs is (1) pixel. So...each strip has (50) pixels. for a grand total of (2,400) channels. Also use (2) power supplies. (1) for each bank Universe 1-8 and 9-16
  9. If its 16 strips, its 16 universes. I had exactly the same strips last year, but 24 of them. I never used the E682 but 2 Joshua P12R's, 12 universes each.
  10. You will need a X/O cable and make sure you convert all of you LOR channels to DMX.
  11. I am not sure a single strand would do it, but who knows. So you started from the left and went from +V to VI and then from VO to +5 ?
  12. Not sure how the pixcon works, but yes that is what you would have to do. In my case I run 3 P12R's and each have there own IP address.
  13. You will need a Ethernet switch something like this http://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-ProSAFE-FS105NA-5-Port-Ethernet/dp/B00002EQCW. you would use each port to a different 1.31 device.
  14. LOR is coming out with a new one by the end of March and Xlights 4 should be out by then as well.
  15. By that time we will have 2 new sequencing programs to play with and discuss.
  16. I had the same problem last year and that is all it was.
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