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  1. Sanman


    a fade up on my rgb whole house group I noticed it is quicker to do seperate props or less props im gonna play around with it if I notice it is quicker to do each prop seperately than copy and paste to rest of house i will
  2. Sanman


    it just started happening on the song i am programming this never happened before can it be something I touched
  3. Sanman


    hello all i am programming one of my songs and all of a sudden every time I put in a new effect in it takes forever to allow me to see what it looks like the sequencer seems to freeze up i restarted the computer I downloaded new version of s5 im stumped it will take forever to program a song like this please help
  4. Sanman

    heartbeat effect

    not sure if u received it but tom betterment has a YouTube video if u YouTube stranger things lights to music rhe video pops up i sent to u but got a response saying an error occured
  5. Hello all I am trying to make a heartbeat effect on my spiders and bats for my stranger things theme song I saw a video on YouTube that someone did it and it is so cool i don't know how to do it can someone please help me ty in advance
  6. thank you so much you are a life saver first halloween song done 9 to go woohoo
  7. hello all is there a way to change the times of a song. I chose the whole song and I programmed two minutes and thirty seconds of it if I want to stop there is there a way to stop it ty in advance
  8. Sanman

    color groups

    I have all trees in a group but how do u group colors
  9. Sanman

    color groups

    how do u do that
  10. Sanman

    color groups

    hello all. I have four trees with five different colors on each tree how do i group a color so I can chase the individual color across all trees. meaning if I want my trees to come on from left to right with one color. In my sequencer it is chasing all colors I dont know how to assign one color per geoup please help ty in advance
  11. Sanman

    Color change s5

    Do u mean brightness
  12. Sanman

    Color change s5

    How do u change percentage I am brand new I apologize
  13. Sanman

    Color change s5

    Hello all I am trying to make a specific orange color with my rgb lights and cannot figure it out. Every orange I pick turns out pastel. I need halloween orange. Anyone know what value to put in to get orange, or have a color chart that gives the values to put to make colors that they have seen or used? Thanks!
  14. Is it possible if I put an effect in that particular time slot dont like that effect put another one on top of it dont clearer delete them will it not work
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