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  1. I am starting early, for this years Halloween and Christmas. I have taken photos of my little townhouse and have measured all the areas. Now planning out buying more lights for a real show. Just this Christmas past. My show was very simple with just two 50 count pixel strands, eight of the 10 watt floods and one 8 channel controller to turn a few regular light strings on/off. It was a last min buy for something I have always thought about doing. But this coming 2020 holidays will be much better with a better understanding of the LOR program, and more LOR lights. I look forward to posting some
  2. Hey Tim Dorr, well you just solved my problem with your post. I pulled up the projector your using on the OPTMA site, and saw yours has a signal power on feature when it gets a signal thru the HDMI, so just look up the OPTMA family live and found most of them have this feature. So I believe I will be going out and getting the Optoma - GT1080HDR 1080p DLP Projector , This will solve my projector on off problem. it will power up and be ready during the pre show sequence, that will give it the time to warm up and be ready for the first video in the show after some music and lights, then set the a
  3. That looks great. I am looking at projectors now for best price for most lumen. My plan is to use the projection along with the LOR show happening. I live in 2 story town home with a front balcony. SO I will be setting up a "screen" for projection made of the FX illusion screen and projecting from behind, so the video will be up on the balcony with the light show going on around. Not worried about the energy cost of the projector being on all evening, just the extra hours of life off the bulb, if I do a 15 min show every hour figured it could be off those 45 min to safe its life. I thought abo
  4. Thank you so much Tim for your help. After a few hours of playing around with it, I finally got it to work. I think I had a setting off on my computer someplace. Is it me or some times it a bit laggy the first time a show runs, I put together just a quick 2 min show so I could test all parts to make sure they were working, lights, music, projection, seemed to run smoother the second time I let the show run thru by itself. Now here is the nest question that got me thinking last night. What projectors are folks using? I got to thinking and I am going to be running this show a few time a nig
  5. I am having a problem with my video as well. I can get it to play back but it doesn't play full screen, just in a tiny screen and I also have changed all the settings as well that I want playback as full screen. I am trying to figure out if I have setting problem in my PC as well but, I cant find anything.
  6. Just got my first sets or LOR lights right before Christmas. I was able to put together a very simple show to 3 songs. But now I am starting to plan and program for Halloween and Christmas 2020. I want to add video projection to my show. I have been playing around with a cheap projector while I am waiting on a new high luman short throw project to deliver. I have managed to get a short video clip into the program and I can get a show to play, the problem I the show only plays in a small window, not full screen . I have changed the settings to full screen and everything. Any ideas? Thank
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