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  1. Where's the 2019 videos. All I'm seeing is 2018 and older. Its almost 2021
  2. What's going on with the Contest from 2019. Is it over? I haven't received any announcements and some of the displays have changed but is still showing 2018.
  3. So basically its not how good your display is but how quickly their computer can spit it out. Hmmm Shouldn't have worked so hard to make a great display.
  4. Any word on the 2019 videos and contest?
  5. Was checking out the winners. WOW Much bigger than mine. I have 32 channels. So I ask. What are the different Categories in the contest? From the looks of it I don't have a chance. Some pretty massive displays. I see Cat 1 thru 5 but see mentions of other cats. What are the categories?
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