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  1. Thanks Fellas! I really appreciate the help! So basically, I can just go to Walmart and buy any of the LED lights in the blue and white boxes and they work? I did not know that! That helps out tremendously! Now I just need to plan the colors I guess! Any tips and tricks would also be welcome!
  2. I am brand new to Christmas Lights and decorating. So brand new that I don't even have anything purchased yet. I would like to buy some lights but I don't even know where to begin or where to buy them at. I have been checking home depot, lowes, and menards but have the time, the online specifications don't say if they are dimmable or not, and from what I have been reading it is best to have dimmable lights for a good display. I did read in one of the forums that Walmart actually had a good selection to choose from, but once again, where do I start and what do I buy in regards to LED lights?
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