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  1. I feel a little bit better that it wasn't just me....
  2. 2 AC controllers for my Dad. What my wife really wanted was a singing face.... :(
  3. Greetings and welcome to the forums! I would look at what they sell for at LOR's website and never go higher than 70% of that. But at this point, I'd sign up for their newsletter and buy one new for 30% off during the Summer Sale. Actually, no - I see enough people posting problems with Directors here and being an IT Pro I'd spend $100 on a used/rebfurb windows 10 laptop or PC and run my show off of that and buy a $150 G3 controller used or a $239 controller at the Summer Sale (although I like the commercial ones so much I might be done buying residential controllers). I actually used a desktop for 2019 and moved to a $100 Lenovo ThinkPad T40s for 2020 as I was in the yard or garage for half of setup with it testing things. That's me. If you don't have the ability to bore a hole in the side of your house or garage for the computer wire (they sell mounting boxes at Home Depot for $6) then getting the all-in-one box does make sense. I would still get it from LOR direct since it will be your first and also note you need software and an RS485 adapter. Coming from Mr. Christmas myself (2015-2019) I would suggest you then buy one of the 16 channel starter kits which come with a standard controller+software+RS485 adapter at a discount and also get the all-in-one box as well. That gets you 32 channels to start with which I think is a good place to be in. We went from the 6 with Mr. Christmas to 16 with LOR and thought it was lame so immediately added 16 channels and then 2 weeks later another 16. We bought our sequences last year from LOR so if you're making your own or getting some shared ones your mileage may very. (We went to 128 channels this year, but my wife and I are a little nuts). By the way, I'm about 45 minutes from you so I will warn you some of the folks here will be bellyaching in the fall about it being so hot to setup - and it will be 40 or 50 for us. The weather is also why I am favoring the metal units - I actually got some water in one of my residentials this year. Good luck! Matt
  4. Sent. Hope you enjoyed the snow and 19 degree weather we've been getting.
  5. I'm pretty new to this, but it seems to me you need to have the preview loaded on your sequencing PC that your show PC will be using. As for copying....I have a free Remote utilities license and I just remote into my show PC from the sequencing PC and transfer the audio file and sequence to their respective folders, run the sequence on the ShowPC to match the audio file location, test, and add it into my show editor.
  6. Your daughter is awesome. Want badly. My wife likes Tacos so much Del Taco gave her a shirt. matt@gridepsilon.net. Promise not to sell it. Thank you.
  7. @Nino @crobs808 @Jeepstylexx I assumed you wanted S4 for the 64 channels? I sent that and my 128 channel S5 version (uses Wowlights Preview) Live version music available on Amazon. Look for Live recording from phoenix. Length is 4:37.
  8. Love this song. If someone has it in 64 channel or higher I'd love a copy: matt@gridepsilon.net. Thanks!
  9. Sorry for the delay. I see you have S4 so I had to hunt down the original LMS file someone shared with me. I sent the 64 channel version as the 128 is for S5.
  10. I buy them from Christmas Light Emporium. You might get lucky and they'll tell you. Personally, at $13 a string in the spring I wasn't too worried about hunting down a cheaper price. But then I only run 12k lights.
  11. Load up a sequence someone shared and see what they did. I've been learning just by seeing what others did and doing cut and pasting.
  12. Nope. There is such a thing as "wake on USB" but the other end would have to do the waking and the controllers don't. I've been in IT for 20 years. All my machines have solid state hard drives (no mechanical stuff to wear out/eat power) and most stay on 24 hours a day. My show laptop will get backed up and packed up on Jan 2 and unpacked in November.
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