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  1. With 2020 being a dumpster fire wondering if anyone is lighting up early this year? I'm targeting Thanksgiving.
  2. My first three residential controllers did not come with locks - just the holes for a padlock. I bought a new residential controller in the summer sale and it came with an integrated lock. I think I remember a key in the box, but didn't pay it much attention. I suspect the keys are all the same? All my commercial controllers have a slot in the lid for a pull-out tab that you put a lock in.
  3. Hi Dr Aplet. Welcome to the wonderful world of synchronized lights with Light O Rama. If you bought sequences from LOR you don't have to worry about setting up a preview in the software or any programming. You literally install the Showtime software on your computer (I recommend version 5 since you're new), follow the instruction booklet in the box your RS486 adapter came in (plug in to PC and install drivers), You'll need to follow the directions that come in the box for connecting your controller to your PC and configuring the controller ID. The first controller in an AC show is 1 and
  4. Awesome. You've got a lot of the needed skills then. You'll be fine. I agree with JR that Wal-Mart is better than Big Lots for lights for LOR as having matching lights can matter. Big Lots is great for individual props like trees, rope lights, pathway lights, etc.
  5. With two weeks before GO Live I would suggest buying sequences for this year. LOR sequence store has quite a few to pick from. You can look at their layout and start placing your lights while waiting for the controller to arrive. Figure out the number and lengths of extension cords you need, what props you will use, power you will need (got a GFCI?), and how you will keep the water out. Read lots of posts on this site. I like Walmart for affordable lights (get LED when you can) and Big Lots, Wal-mart, and Menards for props. (and this may be a curse - I live near Bronner's). After Christmas pl
  6. I'm running commercial Gen1s (both blue and green board from my S5 setup just fine. I have never done anything more than just plug in the USB of the RS485 and load drivers. Are you using the right COM port of the LOR RS485 adapter? (Windows Device manager will tell you that). I would make sure I am using an LOR RS485 adapter with their drivers with the COM port verified and only test one controller at a time and test both RJ45 ports. Also make sure you try a second Ethernet cable. If your RS485 is serial and not USB then you shouldn't need drivers but still will need to make sure hardware util
  7. Why would you say these are boat anchors? Do they work? You don't need a G3 to run a show. I've got two of those (metal case right?) and they run my show just fine. Might need some snubbers with LEDs (I generally haven't) but not the end of the world. That being said, if you want to dispose of them, I'll be happy to take them.
  8. Thank you for sharing. Love the video. Just ordered some outdoor rated cabling. Michigan weather so I know exactly what you are talking about weather wise. Last year was my first year with LOR controllers so I just hung the controllers on my porch railing and used standard Cat5e cable. Love your tote idea for controllers, but living in my urban neighborhood I'm afraid the totes would walk off. Did you move to the totes because you got some water in the controllers or was this just in case?
  9. A few weeks ago when I looked them up I had 2 in my cart...couple days later I went back to look and a notice popped up they were down to 1.... guess they didn't make more... hopefully they make some for you...they seem like good people. It was surprising to me as well that there aren't many options out there for stands. In the spring I bought a steel controller stand for $12 shipped on Ebay but I can't find another one like it anywhere. As someone very late to decorating (2nd year of LOR and 5th year with synced lights) it seems to me from looking at back posts and vendors in general tha
  10. 3G Lighting Creations still makes the Multi Enclosure stake which is what Eric Walls is describing. I don't have one, but recently read a FaceBook post where someone recommended them and buys new ones as they add controllers. http://store.3glightingcreations.com/multi-enclosure-stake/ I've bought my megatree star from 3G and I really liked the customer service and made in the USA and they've had great reviews here. That being said, most of my residential controllers appear designed to use PVC pipe and U-bolts to stick them in the ground. So that works for the older residential units
  11. I bought some RGB stuff from a local decorator pre-Covid and won't be able to use it so trying to recoup my investment. I have the following RGB strands (right word? ribbons?) available. I'm pretty sure they were from WowLights as he had a lot from there, but I could be wrong. Male dangles which perfectly fit the CMB24D controllers I am selling in another post. 8 x 81 hole pixel strips 10 x 50 count pixel strands/ribbons. (I call them strands - a ribbon with red, white, green, blue wires). They were removed from the pixel strips. 2 x 40 count pixel strands/ribbons 2 x
  12. I bought two complete CMB24D controller setups this spring from a local decorator. Had this grand plan of starting into pixels, but that didn't happen (thanks 2012!) One of these is a complete mounted unit with Cableguard CG1500 enclosure and 12V/30A power supply. This has 7 dangles which I believe are female. The other is the same as above, however there are 8 dangles and the power supply in the case died during a show so a HolidayCoro external 12v/33A/400w power supply was used. I am fairly certain this is the "WowLights Dumb RGB controller" as the decorator I bought them from had a lot
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