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  1. Thanks, I tried to force a firmware upgrade on the controller that I didn't do a reset on and that seemed to fix that on. The one I did the jumper reset on just won't communicate anymore. I've checked the solder joints and verified continuity from the adapter through to the circuit board, so it's not a connection issue. FYI, I running a High Speed network adapter at "regular" (57.6) speed. All of my pixels run on an Ethernet 1.31network. If anyone knows how to recover a box that's bricked, I'd love to hear it. Thanks again!
  2. Thought I would throw this out there in case someone else ran into the same issue.... I upgraded to 5.3.12 last night and today all of my controllers that are CTB32LDg3 boards and were running firmware version 1.12 stopped working in sequencer and show mode. They worked fine in the hardware utility. I flashed the latest firmware (V1.15) on them and they all work fine now.
  3. I need help! I'm about ready to throw in the towel this year. My Setup: Standard USB 485 adapter running at 57.6 (tried 3 different adapters including a red HS adapter and different usb cables. One other strange thing is that the hardware utility will not auto configure the port on any of the adapters, but I’ve reinstalled the latest driver and confirmed the port in device manager for each, and as you will see later it's working with most of my devices..) 2 - CTB16PC controllers (Can’t tell you what version because I can’t communicate) 2 - Pixcon16 controllers 1 - LOR1600 Gen 3 1 - iDMX1000 DMX Bridge Show PC running windows 10 (Tried two additional PC also running windows 10, one with version 4.4.4 LOR) The Issue: Everything was working last year with 4.4.4 version of the software. I upgraded to 5.10.3 this year, and because I couldn’t find my original 485 adapter I ordered a new High Speed version. When I hooked everything up and tested it the two CTB16PCs were not working and I am getting a flashing status light. Yes, I’ve tried multiple Cat5 cables all of which are factory new and test fine with no change. The layout had them as #1 and #2 in the LOR chain, but #3, the LOR1600, worked fine, so they are passing the signal through, and the Pixcon16s and iDMX also worked fine. Ran the Hardware utility (multiple times) and it will only find the LOR1600. If I manually put device 01 or 02 in the field and do the test, they work, but not in a sequence. I hooked controller #2 up as DMX and it worked fine, but I don’t want to run them on DMX. I thought maybe the controller was just in a bad state, so I did the jumper reset and now even directly connected with a 3’ cable to the PC, the hardware utility will not recognize the unit and I cannot configure it.
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