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  1. I have pro forgot to up date
  2. This was last year i anm going to add two faces and a pixle tree any other ideas?
  3. I am using a show time direct the metal one. I write everyhting on a sd card
  4. Not sure where to put this. This year i would like to have my lights on steady when they arent running in shows. The catch is i only want certin ones i dont need both colors light in my bushes. How can i do this i have s5 pro and super star
  5. xxl

    frist timer

    So this is my frist go of it. I have a 16 channel controller and then i have made squences up myself. Now i am ready to start hanging lights. I am looking to get one of the directors either show time or show time mini. I am nt sure what the difference is between the two. Also my showtime software is messing up run time error when i am trying to make a squence into a show
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