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  1. lol, still sharing !! Don't think she is !! I asked for them 2 weeks ago, with no response except, she is busy !! Plenty to be had at the LOR sites on FB
  2. lol, my bad. Not my 1st time on computer,lmao !! tee_dup@yahoo.com
  3. I bought my 1st box, then decided I wanted a second,lol !! Now have 32 channels, and run all LED lights !! Don't have enough time to whip some out, but will be working on them for the next year !! I am looking for any 32 channel sequences you might want to share !! Thanks in advance !! tee_dup@yahoo.com
  4. May I try your 32 channel sequences?? Just picked up a 2nd box and time is real tight,lol !! tee_dup@yahoo.com Thanks
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