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  1. Could I get a copy please? Orion5656@hotmail.com Thanks
  2. Orion

    DMX and ServoDog

    Roger, That's great! Just remember this is to run you ServoDog. You wont be able to read it and set the limits. To do that you need to go from computer to a LOR USB serial adapter to the servo dog. John
  3. Orion

    DMX and ServoDog

    Roger, Attached is a diagram of what it should look like. I made a short cat5 cable, cut it, and attached the Orange White to Blue and Orange to Blue White.
  4. Orion

    DMX and ServoDog

    Roger, I had to make a special “crossover” cable. Out of DMX pins 1&2 cross over to pins 4 & 5 to the servo dog. 1 to 4 and 2 to 5. Cable needs to go from DMX 1&2 to servo dog 4&5. It will not work if cable goes DMX 4&5 to servo dog 1&2. John
  5. Could I get a copy please. Orion5656@hotmail.com Thanks John
  6. Im still in S4 on my Xmas computer. I have upgradesd and am playing with S5 on a different computer. Not sure if I will upgrade or not. Im in testing mode 🙂
  7. Please Would like a copy also Thanks John Orion5656@hotmail.com
  8. Not sure what you mean by moving heads. If you are referring to animatronics I am using LOR 4.2.12 for a few years now (going to S5 Jan. 2019). I am using 2 LOR servo dogs to move my figures. The servo dog utility when used correctly is all you need to set them up. John
  9. Please send me a copy .. Thanks Orion5656@hotmail.com
  10. Could I get a copy please. Thanks John Orion5656@hotmail.com
  11. I recognize your house it was on Today Show today .... Congrats!
  12. I am running a 12 volt to run the servo dog. And (2) 6 volts to run the servos. I have found it better to leave he servo dog on but disable power to the servos when not in use.
  13. I have been "backstage" numerous times. Disney used animated lighting for their Osborne Lights. And also for Cinderella’s Castle. Disney however is using their own software to control them.
  14. Interested in stackable. Can you post link to "HC"
  15. My wife and I had to pleasure to see the display in person. The detail to all the different parts of the display is mind blowing. It was FANTASTMIC! Don and Susan thanks showing the display. John
  16. Is there a free program that will change them to 128?
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