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  1. Those are awesome. Thanks. I think I'm getting hung up with all this stuff about LEDS and Individually assigned LED's and thinking that to make a decent show you need to have lights and strips that are individually assigned. I think running dumb lights is more than enough for me.
  2. I love seeing all the videos of different displays....I see you use a lot of "dumb" (trying to learn all the terminology) lights...how did you do the arches? I'm thinking I want to add those to my walk way.
  3. Hi Tim....I am not even close to buying anything yet. Still learning as much as I can before I "take the leap" and get dragged in above my head and want to just throw it all away. All the information here is what I wasn't finding reading each forum post. I assumed based on the drawings of LOR that the computer hooked up right to the control boxes that had all those female outlets and you ran your cords from there to your lights. Didn't realize that you are actually running Cat 5 from your box out to the control boxes by each set of lights...so it's painting a little better of a picture of h
  4. Hello...I'm a visual person and love looking at the completed videos to get ideas of how to set up my light show... But, was wondering if you all had pics of how your setup looks in your garage (or wherever you set up your controls) so I can get an idea of space needed, what it looks like with all those extension cords running from the control panels...etc. Thanks.
  5. I'm sure there is a post on it, and I am looking...maybe I can be redirected there. If I have an existing light string with Individual Addressable LEDS on my house, how do I convert these to work with the LOR system? Before I found LOR, I was researching hanging my own channels to house LED tapes and then running it using Raspberry Pi and Node MCUs to write my own show. The 5v IA LED light string would have run the entire length of my roof line, with power boosters every 5 meters or so to compensate for the power loss at the end of the strand. If I hang my own LED tapes, ho
  6. Hello all... Loving the topics and wondering if I should have gotten that engineering degree to get started with LOR. Looking at purchasing the TSO Signature Series, with extra controllers. Also looking at getting the optional 16x25 pixel tree kit and the 10 watt flood package (with 8 flood lights). This is what the package comes with: Package Includes: ShowTime Central with miniDirector and FM Transmitter ShowTime Designer PRO level License USB Adapter and USB filtered cable 30 Amp ReadyToGo 16 channel light controller 50' Cat5 cable to conne
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