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  1. So everytime I try to create an SD show of my S5 music sequences through the Hub, program simply crashes and closes everything. I'm going nuts trying to figure out what's going on. Any ideas? It completes around 4 of the 7 sequences and then just simply closes the windows and cancels everything.
  2. Agree with you K6ccc! I read through the "network speed" section of the lightorama page and found the info you mentioned.
  3. Thanks guys for the responses! I sorted out the channels and things are working now but brianfox just made me start thinking of different networks. I'll have to check the network and if it's enhanced or not.
  4. Hey everyone! New to the forum and new to LOR. I recentely purchased a bit of LOR items, including a show time central starter pack and the extra sd card with preloaded sequences. I also ordered a bunch of CCR-II and CCC-II. I had seen in a typical setup example that you can daisy chain a CCC-II controller to a 16 channel residential one. The issue I'm having (surely because I'm ignorant to this topic) is that whenever I run the preloaded sequences with show time central, my 16 channel controller and my CCC daisy chained with one CCR connected, only the first part of the ribbon lights up. Is i
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