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  1. I would love to insert into my show a short sound track of "Jingling Bells" every 20 minutes or so.... I am guessing 15-20 Seconds or so to break up the monotony. I think it would be kind of fun. Has anyone ever seen that before? Thank You
  2. Truly a Rookie here (be nice). Looking for the THX (Pixar) Intro with sound and sequence. Thank you in advance.
  3. You are all great - thanks so much for the feedback.....sure appreciate it. Yes - I will stand-by with a re-load if the need demands.
  4. Been at this for a little less than a week....been fun, stimulating, and just a little but confusing (ok...a lot confusing). I wanted to create an extremely simple program - Lights on at 5:00, three songs at 7:30, and lights off at approx 10:30. (Don't think the neighbors would take much more than that!) This is what I came up with - it works perfectly....but is there a simpler way of doing it? Thanks so much for any advice.
  5. Thank You, sax.... I am slowly figuring it out.
  6. JD - I am going to piggy back on this because I have almost the same question. To get started in the most basic way possible, I want to have my lights turn on at 5, turn off at 10, and just run two purchased/sequences songs at 730. That's it. (To start!) I just can't figure out how to set it up on the Hub. Any advice would be so appreciated!
  7. Thank You All for your responses. (I will be back!)
  8. Wow - thanks for the quick response. I have the Basic Version, S5? (I ordered it last week) (It was the Pro Series 16 Channel Starter Package) Thank You.
  9. (I am brand-new to this) I want to set up my laptop, my new LOR1602W, two purchased sequences, and packages of LED lights to get an idea of how it all works/looks/runs before I start putting up lights after Thanksgiving. My question: Is there anyway to hit a "play" button off the Hub (or any other app) to run my two songs? I know I can run it off the Scheduler App (on a schedule), but I was looking for something more simple. Thanks so much. PS - I have spent hours looking for an answer - but just couldn't find anything.
  10. New to this and am planning to purchase an starter system for Christmas. Just a basic question - can the software/hardware be schedule to play a show at a specific time each evening (and the rest of the time all the lights are on)? Thank you so much.
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