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  1. Hey There! Anyone have any luck with ebay/amazon RGB lights? Unfortunately, I don't have the budget to buy LOR or similar quality lights, especially this year. It seems like strip lights could be a great option for lining my roof as well. They are affordable and should be easily mountable. I also think a pixel tree would be somewhat easy to DIY for a fraction of the cost. I'm not new to hobby electronics so I know I could get whatever needs to work running, but am worried that this could be a case of you get what you pay for. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks,
  2. Hey there everyone, Excited to finally make the plunge and commit myself to taking the display seriously from here on out (it's late to start planning my display but I plan on getting something simple set up this year.) Unfortunately the budget is tight as I'm getting married next week and am struggling to justify spending too much on a controller. Looking for anyone that has a DIY kit they never got around to for sale as I would definitely be interested. With the DIY kit, software, and necessary accessories the cost of a controller really adds up. Next year, cost will not be a problem but with the wedding and such...you get it! Thanks for reading and I'm excited to be an active contributing member in this neck of the woods as I'm sure I have a ton to learn from all of you...and maybe this young IT professional can teach a thing or two to others as well 😉
  3. Hey Scott, I sent you a PM, feel free to get back to me whenever. Thanks!
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