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  1. So here's the issue(s)…... I tested all channels(16) using hardware version 5.3.10 They all work. When I plug lights in and run my sequences, one channel does NOT work. Its not the light string as it works with other channels. What am I missing?
  2. Ok so I made 11 songs and one extra filler totaling very very very close to 30 minutes. I used the hub and set it up as a loop. I plan on using set times to turn power on and off at a designated point. Does my SD card look right? I tested each song individually with a preview. Is there anyway to test the whole card without setting up a million lights in the house?
  3. Thank you everyone. TexasLights was very helpful and I thank him. I guess I hit something when I didn’t. I ended up making a new preview and transferring all my work. works perfectly. Lessons learned!
  4. Ok this is all Greek to me. I’m looking at your answers and tried. What seems to have happened is that my first four songs were on the same preview. I downloaded the wow song and now I get half of these symbols @ Which I never had in my songs. When I close out the wow song and go my original, it now has the same configuration of wow with the @. I tried archive and all that stuff and it’s getting me no where. I even completed removed lor and reinstalled. I opened my songs and it’s matches the wow songs. I never saved or did anything to cause the overwrite. This sucks!
  5. Thank you. I will make a back up using your technique...
  6. So I’m new and I did four songs on my own. 16 channels no RGB. Lastest software and latest system. I downloaded a 16 channel seq from Wow. That seq has props and groups. I’m trying to convert to my light set up. Not only I can figure that out, when I open my original songs to track them a warning comes up. Warning these props are in the sequence file but not in the preview. what can I do to correct this fiasco.... thanks I know I’m a pain!
  7. I already have a sequence started with a grid. How can I shorten the length of the song? Thanks in advance....
  8. I just bought two basic beginner package. Where is that setting? Told y I’m new!
  9. I thought it was weird for him to say try and plug it in and out rapidly...
  10. So my first light display is going to a nautical under water theme. A designer made me jelly fish that run on “fairy lights”. I called Lightorama and the man suggested to leave the light a solid color and test by plugging in and out really fast. They stay on the color. Not sure I can use dim fade etc. Will RGB control this or I’ll just have to leave solid. Sorry if I don’t make sense, I’m new to this...
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