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  1. I am not sure how to do that. Currently I have the group as a horizontal stack.
  2. I already have the roof outline set up in 3 strings. The first is roof front left(300pixels), roof right(300 pixels), and roof top left(100 pixels). I then created a group called the roof outline. I am selecting the row roof outline and then right clicking and choosing insert superstar effect. This is when I am getting the error message. If I try to select the 3 individuals strings the sequencer will not allow multiple strings to be selected. I have tried shift + click, control+click and alt+click. I still end up with only one string selected. With that said I don't see how
  3. I am trying to program smart pixels roof outline. I have created 3 stings in a group called roof outline. I select the row of roof outline and try to choose superstar and it gives me a warning "SuperStar supports a maximum width of 360. However, 'Roof Outline' is 700 nodes wide." How do I get the entire roof outline to be programmed as one unit instead of 2 or 3 different pieces?
  4. Mr P. I am definitely confused. This learning curve has not been easy for me. Thank you for the responses. Fortunately I have plenty of time to adjust the design plan and get longer cables and a switch with ample ports. Thank you
  5. Thank you. I was misunderstanding completely. OK I just need to buy a switch and longer cat5 cables as I though I was hopping from one controller to the next like you could with the LOR1602Wg3 controllers for the traditional lights. I did buy 2 FD50 rgb floods. I can plug these into the J3-8 ports if I am understanding you correctly correct? Or do they need to go to the switch also? Thank you for your help!
  6. How do you purchase directly from Rextin?
  7. Does this mean I need to use J5, J7 or J8 to run cat5 cable from controller 1 to controller 2 and then from controller 2 to controller 3? J3 and J4 don't seem to be working for this. I have tried J3 or J4 out on controller one into J3 or J4 of controller 2 and nothing works. I have even tried using the silver port and still nothing is working.
  8. Honestly I am not 100% sure. I think the answer is E1.31. In the sequencer prop definition I am choosing DMX in the drop down list.
  9. I read the instructions but just don't quite grasp it. I check the boxes for ports j3, j4, j5, j6 and these ports should allow me to ethernet cable out to the next pixcon16 controller. I then plug the ethernet cable into the J3 port on that box and so on. However they units are not passing data on to the next one. The controllers only seem to work if I plug into the silver ethernet port. Can someone dumb down how to get this working. Otherwise I will need to buy a switch and all new ethernet cords. Thank yo
  10. Are you able to explain how you get multiple strings ie port 1 and port 2 (I require 3 ports) to all display the same motion in the superstar sequencer when your designing. Everytime I try to choose all the strings for the roofline they sequencer says I have to choose just one at a time. Then when pieced together they look like just that. Pieced together and not one item doing the same thing.
  11. If you don't mind. I started this last year and only had 2 arches of 150 pixels each. This year I have expanded to 4000 pixels. The learning curve has been tough. Especially getting more than one pixcon16 working. Currently I can only communicate with them through the silver port and not the black ones. If you know why I can't use the black ports and jump from box to box that info would be very helpful also.
  12. If you go to network preferences can you see the pixie controller? When I started with RGB a year ago I had a similar issue because I had my computer wifi turned on. I had to turn it off and remove internet from the router and restart everything. Once I did that the computer started talking to the pixcon16 correctly. do you have the control lights box checked in the sequencer?
  13. I am using S5 with a pixcon16. Under Pixcon 16 configuration I have: Port 1 is start universe 25, start channel 1, # pixels 300, end universe 26, end channel 390 triplet order rgb. Port 2 is start universe 27, start channel 1, # pixels 300, end universe 28, end channel 390 triplet order rgb. Port 3 is start universe 29, start channel 1, # pixels 117, end universe 29, end channel 351 triplet order rgb. Under sequencer preview I have For my roof line I have prop definitions Roof left front. "lights" rgb with rgb pixels checked motion effects rows(0). "
  14. But what guage wire is necessary? I'm thinking 18 or 20 guage. 20guage is doorbell wire and cheaper per foot but I don't know if you suffer voltage drop. I plan to run in dmx. This past Christmas was LOR but as I get some of these strings built I plan to test it in dmx mode and try to get that conversion done.
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