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  1. Cool, so it can be done so long as I avoid parasitic resistance and use the correct gauge wire to avoid voltage drops. My idea is to make luminaries to line my walkway, so each would have an input and an output. Would you suggest using the extension cables from LOR like: http://store.lightorama.com/ex12vo3pingr.html and just cut them in half, or is there too much of a risk of voltage drop with the connectors?
  2. I’m wondering if it’s possible to cut the wires BETWEEN pixels and extend the wires? For example: if I wanted to make (5) 10 pixel props out of one 50 pixel strand, could I cut the wires between the 10 pixel segments and extend them? I’m thinking about using 12v pixels, if that matters.
  3. I’m going to try reviving this thread, as I’m considering doing arches this year over my driveway. Am I seeing correctly that most would recommend 1 1/2 inch to 2 inch pvc electrical conduit? How does that hold up in the wind? We have some pretty serious wind gusts in this area, so I need to take that into account.
  4. Yup, after swapping the port and restarting the controller, the problem stayed with the string. Thank you, Titus, for your response. I was beginning to wonder if anyone was willing to help.
  5. Ok, I’m running a second Gen Pixie 8, and after adding a string of 50 bullet pixels, now I have a problem: I have two strings of 50 square pixels on ports 1 & 2, and a string of 50 pixel bulbs on port 3. I was experimenting with the setup yesterday after properly setting the controller up (followed a video from this forum), and everything worked fine. This morning, I added a 50 bullet pixel string to play with, and the last pixel of the strand is stuck on blue. I’ve tested it with the LOR Hardware control, and if I turn on all the blue channels on the port, then off, the pixel turns o
  6. Unfortunately, I’m a video editor by trade so adding three new songs to my video portion is super easy for me, but breaking it down into smaller chunks and plugging it into an entirely different program is pretty intimidating. I’d also like to keep it all together as one since the video also has to remain in sync with the second video projector that is running my ghosts on a scrim. Everything plays together, and I know LOR software isn’t powerful enough to run two video sequences simultaneously. Well, if I DO need to break it up, does anyone know what the best video codec to us
  7. Holiday2NV

    Video help

    So my Halloween singing pumpkins show video is about 42 minutes long, and I’m probably going to add three songs this year. Can LOR handle a long video like that, or am I going to have to break up the songs into separate videos and stitch it all together in the show builder?
  8. Thank you, gents. Looks like I’ll be throwing some extra cash toward software.
  9. I am contemplating picking up some 10w dumb floods and some pixel bulbs (and corresponding controllers) to compliment my Halloween decorations, which are focused around a set of projected singing pumpkins (from TheSingingPumpkin.com). I’m wondering how well do the LOR products reproduce Halloween colors like orange and purple? Secondly, what level of software would I need to get to run the video along with the “show”?
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