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  1. either or I seem to like pixel for ease of storage but if you think traditional is better
  2. Thank you Jim, We Are really interested in adding to our system with some arches and the talking trees but, unfortunately last nights grab sale screwed up and even though we were checking out with in 90 seconds we were not able to buy the trees. we will most likely get them at full price if necessary. Again thank you i will be checking this out when time permits John
  3. is there a good video on how to construct some leaping arches that include a material list ? i have been looking for a while and can not seem to find any with details that include the hardware and controllers / software to do it Thanks
  4. trying to register the software but i have entered the license key sent to me. I am at a lost on how to get the offline key button to show in order to generate the offline key? any help would be great John
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